seven years Later

The quiet atmosphere of the Stone Mansion in former years had gradually transformed to the bubbliest and lively household, Catherine noted as they all worked in the fields. They had all doubted Jared’s capability to be a farmer but he had proven himself over the years. He now supplied half of the town’s wheat feed.  He was a meticulous farmer as he was a meticulous killer. No one bothered to steal his animals since the whole town and travellers all knew who Jared Stone was.

Catherine stood up from the stool she had been sitting on, her back aching. Fieldwork was really not for her bones

“Grandmother is tired” Jonas one of Evangeline’s twins cackled, pointing his small hands at his grandmother.

His brother George soon joined in “Grandma won’t get a share of today’s earnings”

She smiled, the scoundrels. They took after her son's behaviours, they were mischievous and utterly worrisome. No one had told them

Esther Adebusola

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