Smiling and waving at guests as he walked by, Nicholas Sanders kept up his fake modesty to the very hilt. He was raging within, his hope of making the Sanders family be intimate with the Stone family was his lifelong aim and he was not about to see it dashed away, he would achieve it by crook or nook.

“Why isn’t he here yet?” Nicholas Sanders thundered at his fellow conspirator  in the hall,  he turned to face them“ You promised me, he would come, I paid you handsomely for this” he banged the wooden table in anger, the pain he got in return made him shout with rage

Commander  Cole barked back at him equally” Calm down, Nicholas, this is a soldier’s superior order we are talking about, he has to come or else he shall be stripped of his title and punished and it will involve his family, he knows that very well”

“I do not care about that at all, all I know is that he ought to be here by now marryi

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