Jared rode madly in pursuit of his brother, judging by the unconscious words of Alan, he knew his brother’s next line of action. He wondered what had gone wrong with the Commanders after he left, for a measly man such as Nicholas Sanders to think he can control them, Jared sneered, he would make it his last attempt

Following his mother’s horse footprints she had gone the midwife way but a dark thought made him stop the horse suddenly, breaking its run

Following the way of Corrupt Commander’s, they knew Mike all too well, then it clicked Evangeline would not be at the midwife, if she had been gone since morning, the Commander’s would have her, and it would be the worst mistake of their life.

Jared began riding hard this time, in the direction of Nicholas grand hall, he hoped he would be in time to get Mike before his brother burnt down the place in order to rescue his wife. Evangeline was not one who could endure such harsh conditions for

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