Twirling about in her wedding dress, Mary was beyond happy, she blushed harder at the thought of Jared’s hands on her, she had been brought home from the hall by her mother. She was currently in her room which had been extensively decorated for her wedding night.

The door to her room opened “Mother, mother” she jumped at the sight of her mother, she flew into her arms in joy

“Thank you mother, it's a dream come through, I am a happy bride” she beamed, the light shining in her eyes,

“Yes, my dear, My princess deserves the best, “ Her mother said looking into her Mary’s happy eyes

“Mother, his touch felt like a caress, it was so feeling, I shivered all over my body, it was delicious. I could go on touching him forever” she gushed out in a rush

Her mother smiled” I am glad you like it my dear. A wedding should be filled with happiness. Your wedding shall be the talk of the town for years

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