Mark Of The Alpha King
Mark Of The Alpha King
Author: ~S.Y



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I remember the moment my wolf spat only one word after years.

“ RUN! ”

I didn't know how my supposedly dead wolf came back to me and growled at me to run away from the man standing right in front of me - The man who I identified as my mate just as my eyes met his silver-gray orbs.

His intoxicating scent was another dead giveaway. He smelled so heavenly like the smell of the whole forest specially Rosewood.

I wanted to go to him. I wanted to tell him how I waited for him for my whole life. I waited for him so he could answer my questions or so we could find the answers together if he didn't know anything too.

I was supposed to go to him. He was my mate. The mark burning on my neck was another proof of this.

But my wolf pushed forward and took complete control over me. My clothes teared apart as I shifted in my white furred wolf.

And then I ran.

Wildly. Fearfully. Aimlessly.

I tried my best to stop my wolf from pulling me away from the only man who was capable of answering my questions - the questions that I wanted to be answered even at the expense of my life now.

In the history of werewolves - from the time Moon Goddess bestowed the gift of being able to turn into a wolf over us, no one...No one had ever been born marked.

Usually, werewolves find their mates when they shift and then they mark each other before mating to complete the mate bond, but in my case...

I was born, marked. There was a moon mark on my neck that burned throughout my life - A mate mark.

My mate had marked me but how? I was born with this mark. It was not really possible for a mate to mark me before birth.

How was this possible for a wolf to be born marked then?

I didn't even have the right to reject my mate now because werewolves could only reject a mate before they marked each other.

A mark was like an official seal. It was the first step in completing the mate bond between two werewolves then how I was born with this?

I wanted to know all of this. I wanted to ask him why and exactly how I was different and I wanted to ask him if he was different like me too, but my wolf - Gia wasn't stopping.

“ STOP GIA! ” I fought Gia for control, but I forgot to control her with time.

I thought my wolf died at the age of sixteen but now as I turned into a wolf, I didn't know if I should be happy or sad about it.

For now, I only wanted Gia to stop running wildly in the woods so we could go back to our mate, but the fear that I detected from my wolf was worrying me.

Why would my wolf - Gia fear our mate?

Suddenly, I heard the loud growl in the night, that shushed all animals down. A shiver ran down my spine as all my hair stood up in fear.

The growling of the wolf was so powerful that my wolf's knees threatened to buckle. We almost stumbled over a branch and fell off a cliff, but Gia managed to run past it.

Suddenly, a gigantic black wolf jumped over my wolf and landed right in front of me.

My wolf - Gia tried to stop in time to avoid collision, but we were running so fast that our body landed right into the wolf's hard body.

He knew this would happen. He came in front of me on purpose.

A loud - sickening sound of bones cracking sounded in the silent night and I knew I broke some ribs after colliding with the huge wolf.

Howling in pain, Gia retracted and tried to run again while I was reeling with the hot-searing pain that ran throughout my body.

I was weak. I couldn't heal like other werewolves and I could feel the pain as humans did.

It was a curse. A brutal curse.

Gia stepped back from the black wolf who raised his head arrogantly and stared at us with his red glowing eyes. Power was radiating off his wolf. He was superior. I could smell danger in the air too.

A whimper escaped from my wolf's mouth while I realised who was standing in front of me.

The Alpha King - Cain Reyes.

Only the Alpha King had a huge black wolf with red glowing eyes, when he turned. I recognized him easily now. I had heard about him before. Every werewolf knew of him.

“ Submit! ” He growled out as a strong headache hit me in waves.

Whimpering, Gia submitted to him and lowered her head, declaring her submission.

The more the Alpha King tried to get in my head, the more this headache grew.

His aura was too strong for me. No. It was Deadly.

And it felt like he was using force deliberately. He was hurting me because he wanted to hurt me.

Why? I didn't know.

“ I finally found you Mate. ” The Alpha King's hateful and deep voice penetrated my mind and my ears began to hear a loud buzzing noise, due to the force he was using to hold me down with his Alpha aura.

He could make me submit easily but it didn't seem like his motive. He wanted more, judging by the sheer intensity he used to force his way inside my head and dominate me into going full dead mode in front of him. He was literally trying to kill me. He was just like people stated. 

Cruel. Ruthless. Powerful. Dangerous. Deadly. 

My wolf started to shift back as it became unbearable for Gia to hold on any longer in front of The Alpha King.

She left me alone again. She left me naked, vulnerable, hurting, broken and helpless in front of the Mighty Alpha King - Cain Reyes.

...My Mate.

His glowing red eyes were glaring at me. That was all I saw before my breathing got caught in my throat and my eyes rolled to the back of my head due to the immense pain my mate was causing me.

He came. The man I wanted...came, but he didn't come to cherish me.

He came to take his revenge on me and he came to kill me.

For what? I didn't know in all honesty.


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