Chapter 02


Leaving my house, I rush to get to the cafe I work at. I am supposed to be in my high school, but I dropped out when I was kicked out of the pack.

It's hard living on your own and bearing all expenses. Besides, I need to pay Miranda some huge money to get a potion - a potion which helps concealing my aura.

As I am now a rogue without any pack, some werewolves might come to hunt me one day. They will come to hunt me and they will kill me. They won't care if I am a good rogue or a bad rogue, they are going to kill me.

The fact that I lived in the Red Moon Pack's territory never made it much easier. I have to be more careful. It's the pack which is being run by the Alpha King himself currently.

He is known to be ruthless, cruel, dangerous, deadly and so powerful that his presence can cause some werewolves to feel severe headaches.

The headaches mostly happen when he is trying to instill the fear of his power in other werewolves. His projection of powerful aura can kill a werewolf if he intends to kill.

He hurts when he wants to hurt.

The Red Moon pack has the most members out of all werewolf packs in the world. A number of 1000. A whole town.

And it is known that ninety percent of them are fierce warriors, trained to kill mercilessly.

And ofcourse, he hates Rogues, Vampires and all other creatures. He hates other packs too but as he is the king of the werewolf council, no one can object in front of him and he has to bear with those other packs to maintain peace throughout the community.

The thought of ever seeing him, makes me shiver some times but I don't have to worry.

Miranda - the witch I know gives me a potion that keeps my already weak aura concealed from all werewolves and other creatures.

But she takes a hefty amount in return for only the potion for ten days.

That's the reason I have to work, work and work to keep myself alive, just until I find my mate.

I could go to the rogues if I wanted but the thing is...

Even the rogues don't want a pesky werewolf without any wolf. I am no use to anyone, but I am an easy target and werewolves are going to love tearing me limb to limb, so they can get rid of someone who is spoiling their reputation among other creatures.

And I live in Red Moon's territory because I only have to protect myself from the members of Red Moon pack here. No other pack wolf or creature ever comes here.

It's easy Peasy.

But only until I get caught some day. The pack members of Red Moon pack are going to skin me alive and then they are going to make a door mat out of me if they catch me - a useless rogue without a wolf.

...Barbaric much, but that's how they are.

And how I know about all of this? It's because of something funny.

I work at Red Moon Cafe. The place is owned by the mate of Red Moon's Beta.

She is good but only to me, because she thinks of me as a human.

I got a job here because many werewolves come here every day. It will be easy to find my mate once I turn eighteen if I stay close to werewolf community somehow.

And also, staying so close to them never makes them suspicious. They never keep an eye on me because they see me every single day.

They also talk about stuff - the werewolf stuff. They talk about it among themselves sitting at the far corner of the cafe.

They measure the distance so small because they think of me as human and they doubt I will be able to hear their hushed secret talks from so far away.

But I can hear them clearly. I can hear them so well that it's sometimes hard to not shiver hearing their brutal talks.

Skin him alive. Rip him from limb to limb. The Alpha King killed him today. He ripped the head off a rogue. He killed two pack members for disobeying him in the same week. He changed girls again. He decided to raid a pack and killed every single member there. He did this, he did that, now he is going to do this...Blah Blah.

...They often talk about such things. Disgusting things.

And they also discuss about a girl Alpha King is searching for...His mate to be precise. He wants revenge on that girl. For what? They never say because even they don't know.

They just know that their Luna is already decided upon.

She is Olivia. I have seen her around. She is a girl with long black hair, green fierce eyes and perfect face with a body everyone wanted.

She is going to be the Luna and Alpha King's mate is going to be killed once she is found.

That's brutal.

Why does Alpha King wants to kill his mate when he can just mark Olivia and reject his mate once he comes across her? I don't understand it.

If he kills his mate, it will weaken him and he will not be the strong wolf he is right now.

Most of the times, I feel bad for the girl who is his mate. She will suffer alot and then she will die on the hands of her own mate.

This death will be more heartbreaking than anything I have ever witnessed in the werewolf world.

I hope Alpha King never finds her and eventually marks Olivia as his Luna. A win-win situation for everyone.

Shaking my head, I make my way inside the cafe to find Olivia and Selvia sitting on the far right corner of the cafe.

Selvia is the owner. The Beta's mate. Olivia and Selvia are good friends, but their personalities are completely different.

Selvia is soft spoken and easy going, while Olivia is arrogant and headstrong.

If I was Olivia, I too might be so arrogant considering the fact that the Alpha King chose her over his destined mate.

What about Olivia's mate then? I wonder.

Olivia doesn't want her mate either?

What's so special about Alpha King which makes her want to give up her mate?

Power. Unimaginable power. The answer was clear.

“ Hey Miracle! ” Selvia shouts from her spot and my lips curl up to form a smile.

I don't know why I always think about them so much. They can do whatever they want. It's not like my life is ever going to be entangled with their's.

I am going to find my mate and then he will take me away from here. We will find all answers and we will be happy.

We will get rid of this stupid curse somehow if I am really cursed.

“ Good Morning Selvia! ” I greet her with a smile. She insists I call her Selvia even if she is my boss and older than me. She is twenty two.

The excitement was back. I am turning eighteen tonight at twelve and I know I will find him soon. I have this hunch that I will find him sooner than I hope.

Call it my mate instinct but I can feel his presence near me.

“ You are early hun! ” She reminds me as my eyes move to the clock.

I am really early. My shift starts in one hour.

“ I should grab breakfast then. ” I joke turning my eyes back to Selvia who is still smiling at me.

Oh...I like this woman but I won't like her once she knows I am a rogue. She won't like me either.

I can imagine Olivia holding me down by my shoulders as Selvia rips my head off my shoulders slowly and painfully. Shivers run down my spine once again thinking about this.

“ Are you cold? ” Olivia sneers, her eyes screaming at me that she hates how weak humans are.

“ Yes. It's too cold today. ” Rubbing my hands, I lie without any hesitation.

Lies and secrets help me stay alive. I don't like it but what choice do I have? I like my head very much and I love my limbs intact.

Snapping out of my thoughts, I focus on Olivia and find her already staring at me. There is something in her eyes. I don't know what but it makes me uncomfortable.

“ Go grab some breakfast in the kitchen Miracle. I will see you later. ” Selvia orders me after noticing how uncomfortable I am getting with Olivia's deadly stares.

“ Thanks Selvia. ” I nod and turn around to escape from here.

As I stroll towards the kitchen, I hear Selvia saying to Olivia. “ Stop it Olivia. She is just a human. You scare her with these creepy stares. ”

“ I am telling you there is something off about this girl. I tried to compel her just now but it didn't work. ” Olivia hisses at Selvia and my eyes go saucer wide.


I forgot to mention that Olivia is a hybrid right?

Her father is a vampire - the strongest out there and her mother is a werewolf.

I never thought she will try to compel me. Shit! I fucked up.

“ You couldn't compel her? ” There is surprise clear in Selvia's voice as she asks Olivia.

I can imagine their expressions right now and this is making me dizzy.

“ Maybe she just has a strong grip on her mind. You know it's also possible. ” Selvia suggests in a low tone.

A sighs escapes my lips at her explanation. Thank Moon Goddess. Atleast Selvia is not buying whatever Olivia is trying to imply.

“ A strong mindset? Seriously? Her heart is still beating faster than usual. It's picking speed just as I talk to you. It's like she is hearing what we are talking about. ” Olivia sneers and I curse at myself.

Shit! I fucked up for the second time.

How am I supposed to make my heart beat slow down when I am shit scared?!

Placing my hand over the kitchen sink's sides, I hear them talking further.

“ What are you implying? ” Selvia inquires, her tone changing. She is taking Olivia serious now.

“ I think she is a rogue hiding her scent with some witch's potion. ” Olivia declares and I end up grinning.

Like seriously? She had to come up to this conclusion today?

I worked in this cafe for a whole year but Olivia never suspected anything. No werewolf did.

Even the Beta of Red Moon pack - Xavier never suspected me but now this Hybrid girl has started suspecting me.

Olivia is sure smart but her brain began working at the very wrong time.

Or perhaps, my curse is working up again. I am supposed to be always in despair.

Happiness. Peace. Love. Harmony.

All these are not for me as the oracle has stated when she came to our pack.

“ Let's test your stupid theory then. ” Selvia groans out, irritation clear in her voice.

Maybe, she is sure that I am not a werewolf or maybe she too is suspecting me and wants to know if I am really a werewolf.

My ears perk up as I wonder what they are going to do to me to know if I am a werewolf or not.

“ But How? Suggest something. ” Selvia sighs, not knowing how to do it.

But the words Olivia utters next make me want to run away from here.

“ Let's give her some wolfsbane. ”


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