Chapter 04


“ King? I don't know anyone by that name. ” I mutter, before bringing up my knee and ramming it roughly against his rib, breaking two of them instantly.

Howling in pain, he doubles over and drops me on the ground. Not wasting any time, I grab his neck and twist it harshly. His body drops down on the ground, hitting it hard, his neck still twisted at a weird angle.

He is not dead. I don't need to worry about that. He just fell unconscious for a while - a day to be precise.

King? Who was he talking about? I wonder but push past him to go back in the cafe. I have caused some serious trouble.

Sighing, I stop by the door and look back at the body.

I was weak. Emphasize on that WAS. I acted weak when I had the power to defeat everyone else. I showed them mercy when I was powerful, but now...

It was merely for survival and when you are in that survival mode, you find all those weaknesses disappearing one by one but, I still don't kill any creature.

I can rip this newbie's neck off and then burn him to hide my tracks, but I choose to leave him alive and...

Running away from here.

Yes. I need to run away.

Olivia suspects me, they might smell this vampire's scent in the air soon and they are going to come. The first suspect in this is going to be me again, because my scent is all over that newbie's body now.


Inhaling deeply, I try to think while the pain only makes me want to double over and cry out.

Running away it is for sure, by the way.


Getting home as soon as I could, I open the door and rush to my room without stopping to scold Liam and Bella for doing it on the couch again. They never listen to me anyway.

“ Miracle! Is there something wrong? ” Bella's worried voice catches my attention, as she barges inside my room to find me pushing my clothes in a bag.

I need to run. That's all I can think about. I just have to cross the Red Moon Pack territory before tomorrow morning.

“ Miracle! I am talking to you. ” Bella's hand appears in my sight when it grabs my wrist to stop me.

“ Nothing. Nothing is wrong. I am just going on vacations. ” I pry her hand off and continue pushing my clothes inside the bag.

Bella stays inside the room, staring at me confusedly while I pack everything up in the bag and swing it over my shoulders.

“ Don't worry. I will be back. ” I feed her a lie and she smiles at me.

“ You never go anywhere so I was worried when you started packing. ” She sighs out and goes out to Liam who was standing outside the door.

“ She is just going on vacations. ” She tells him and he nods his head.

How wonderful...They don't know anything about me yet I know everything about them.

I stroll to them and pull both of them in a hug one by one, before bidding my goodbye, knowing I will never return. They were good friends to me. But I have to leave now and I can't bring it in myself to tell them that I will never return.

Perhaps, I will be dead by tomorrow and I will not even have to answer their calls. Who knows!

Leaving the apartment building, I go to the cave in the forest. I have already planned a way to escape in case I ever had to run and it turns out, I do ended up having to run in the end.

Sitting in the cave, waiting for the night is never easy. The fact that I am spending my eighteenth birthday even worse.

Besides, Wolves are more active at night. There is the problem of Border patrol too at night, but the thing is...

Those werewolves out for the border patrol don't know me and as I have now taken the potion again, they will think of me as a mere human.

That's why I am running away in the night. It will prevent any stumbling upon the people I knew.

When the night comes, I sling the bag over my shoulders and step out of the cave to inhale the fresh forest smell. It's heavenly. I have always loved forests.

My eyes go to the full moon in the sky and I sigh out. “ Help me Moon Goddess. Don't let me die before meeting him. ”

I don't want to die before ever meeting and knowing my mate.

Determined, I make my way inside the forest carefully. When I get close to the border, I heave a heavy breath. I am close to freedom.

As I breath in relief and try not to think about the pain in my organs, I see a silhouette in the distance - A huge outline of a man.

My eyes narrow down to see him clearly, but my vision blurs out. The effects of wolfsbane. I am weak right now.

Shaking my head, I continue on my way. I just have to cross their border and I will be fine.

When I take a whiff, I realize he is a werewolf. My body freezes and I stop on my spot.


His scent is not familiar though. It's sweet. He smells like the forest specially rosewood. Intoxicating. His scent intoxicates me and I start walking to him without even realizing.

The closer I get to him, the faster my heart beats. My palms start sweating profusely.

Who is he? I want to know. I NEED to know.

There is like a thread pulling me to him. My body acts on it's own and I feel strangely excited.

What's happening to me?

Before I realize, I am standing in front of him. He is huge. I only come up to his neck.

His broad shoulders are illuminated by the moonlight and his gray sweatshirt is doing nothing to hide his strong build.

Tracing his body, my eyes land on his face. He has a chiseled jaw, his lips are plump - cherry in color, his nose is straight and his eyes - those silver gray eyes...

It's like my breath is knocked out of my lungs. All the hair on my body stand up. My heart beat slows down rhythmically.

Something pulls me to him again and I stumble forward, feeling the tingles rising on my body. The feeling makes me feel like I am drunk.

“ Mate. ” The whisper spills out of my mouth, before I could even register it in my mind.

And then...

I hear another female voice in my head.

“ RUN! ”


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If she’s so weak how can she break two ribs of his?
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Why is she given such a horrible mate? Did the moon goddess make a mistake?
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Bella Jersey
This a repeat chapter just a different POV I’m not fan of this

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