Chapter 05


“ RUN! ” The familiar female voice which screams in my head, shocks me to my core.

G-Gia? Is it Gia?

All my focus shifts to my supposedly dead-wolf from my most awaited Mate.

“ Gia? ” I speak in my mind, hoping desperately to hear her voice again.

What if it's my imagination and Gia is really not here? The thought makes me sad and I look back up at my mate.

His silver gray eyes are staring me down intensely. An aura of power is radiating off him.

I don't understand the emotion in his eyes at all.

Why is he not coming to me?

Why is he not making any move?

I stumble forward as confusion takes over me. He sets his lips in a thin line and before I can take even a step more closer to him, Gia screams in my head once again.

“ RUN! ” This time the intensity of her scream in my head makes me nauseous.

All my senses heighten as I look around and I realize it was really Gia. I suddenly feel complete and not just a pesky werewolf without the wolf.

“ Gia? Is it really you? ” I try to communicate with her but as a reply to my question, I feel my eyes starting to burn.

Gia is pushing herself out of me to take control over me. I have not felt this feeling for a long time. All my body tingles and the silence of my mate is not helping my situation.

Failing to control myself, I fall down to my knees and my clothes start ripping apart as Gia pushes past the barrier to take control of my weak body.

The feel of having all your bones snapped and then shaped again to turn into a wolf turns out to be too painful for me as I have not shifted for a long time.

Raising my head, I grit my teeth finding my mate still standing on the same spot. His silver gray eyes are glazed over as he stares me down, lost in his own world.

He looks shocked, angry, bored and I don't why he looks like this. Is he not happy? Can he really not feel what I am feeling right now?

My head hangs low as all my bones snap into shape and Gia completely takes over me. My white wolf starts running as soon as I shift and I don't know what's happening.

I am not even sure if it's a dream or reality. I found my mate, my supposedly dead wolf just took control over me and now I am running away from my mate.

“ GIA! WHAT ARE YOU DOING? ” I mindlink my wolf, as I try my best to stop running, but she is in control right now.

I want to stop and go back to my mate. I know he is still there. I can feel his presence.

I want to go to him.

I want to know him.

I want to ask him about the mark on my neck.

I want to love him and I want him to love me.

He is the only one who can never abandon me...Mates can never abandon each other.

I want to do all of these but my wolf - Gia has something else in her mind. She just runs and runs, carrying me away from my mate.

My mind freezes the moment I detect the chilly fear radiating off Gia.

She is scared. No. Not scared...She is scared out of her mind.

That's why she is running.

“ What's wrong? ” I ask Gia who is still running through the thick - dark forest.

No reply. She refuses to reply me. Why? I don't know but I know for a fact that she is not answering me deliberately.

So she broke the mindlink with me on purpose? Why? No wolf had ever done this with their human before.

But then again...I am no ordinary werewolf.

I am the one who was born marked and who was cursed since birth.

Everything aside, What is Gia scared off? Her fear is getting to me too now. I can feel myself losing all control over myself.

Shaking all thoughts off, I focus on the forest in front of us. Running wildly, Gia has reached the edge of the mountain under which there is a huge lake. My heart thumps against my ribcage as she runs along the edge, her feet only inches away from having us both drowning in the deep lake.

Suddenly, I hear the loud growl in the forest. All sounds stop and everything goes still after that.

The loud growling of the wolf was so powerful and eerie that my hair rise up on their ends. All creatures seem to have run away the moment that wolf growled.

Is it my mate?

I force Gia to turn and see only to meet endless forest and darkness behind us.

My forced action causes Gia to stumble over a branch and she turns her head around as her right paw slips down the edge.

Whimpering, she barely manages to bring her paw back on the forest ground. I sigh in relief only for Gia to start running once again.

“ STOP GIA! ” I fight for control, her wild actions beginning to scare the hell out of me.

What is she so scared off that she is risking our lives running away like this?

She does not listen to me and keeps running aimlessly in the forest when something huge jumps over us and lands right in front.

Trying to stop herself on time and not collide with the huge black wolf which now stood in front of us with it's side facing toward us, Gia fails miserably and ends up sliding right into his body.

Our side meets the gigantic figure and I hear the loud sickening sound of the bones cracking, which echoes in the silent forest.

Pain courses through my body - A hot-searing pain, which makes me close my eyes to get myself out of this painful trance. My breath is knocked out of me and when I try to breath, I realize that I have broken my ribs...Two of them, I think.

Without waiting for a moment, Gia pushes us away from the black wolf who turns his head toward us.

I notice his red eyes just as Gia tries to run again.

His eyes - A hot glowing red color.

Forgetting all my pain, I find myself lost in those glowing red eyes when the realization dawns upon me.

He is...

He is the Alpha King - Cain Reyes.

Only he has a black wolf and those red glowing eyes. I have heard everyone talking about his wolf in the cafe.

Shivers of dread run down my spine. Everything clicks in my mind now.

Alpha King is going to kill his mate and then make Olivia, his mate.


I notice other things too now. Aura of Danger along with Power was oozing off Cain Reyes but in my hazy mind, I never registered it.

He was dangerous. He IS Dangerous.

He is going to kill me. Gia realized this, before I did.

All hopes shatter as I try to deal with the shock that hit my mind hard.

I waited for him. I loved him even when everyone believed that his mark on my neck is a curse. I still wanted him, still wanted this mark if it was what connected me to my other half, my soulmate, my mate.

I thought he will come and everything is going to be fine, but it turns out, he brought death and heartbreak with him.

I want to think about something funny and deal with this pain of heartbreak, which is worse than the physical pain he caused me just now.

To think about it, his wolf blocked my path like this even when he knew Gia wouldn't be able to stop.

He did it on purpose.

Suddenly, I feel someone trying to mindlink me. This was forced and it hurt like someone was slicing through my brain.

“ Submit! ” His voice sounds in my head and I realize it was him.

The pain in my head causes a loud ringing in my ears.

I know Gia still wants to run but she knows we can't. He is an alpha - No - He is the Alpha King.

She whimpers softly and then hangs her head low to show her submittance. This fills me with a sense of hurting my own self-respect.

His aura only grows more dominant, more powerful after that. It is deadly.

I mentioned it before right?...

Alpha King only hurts when he wants to hurt.

He wants to hurt me. He is here to kill me. The moment I turned eighteen, I found the one I was looking for, but he is not what I was looking for.

“ I finally found you Mate. ” The Alpha King's hateful and deep voice penetrates my mind once again and Gia drops down on the soft muddy ground.

Gia starts to shift back as it becomes unbearable for both of us to resist Alpha King's suffocating aura and demand for submission.

Now I lay naked, vulnerable and dirty in front of him. I am unable to protect myself. I hate this.

My teary eyes move to his red glowing eyes and my heart yearns to see his silver gray orbs, before he decides to end life for me.

Blame it all on Stupid mate bond.

He moves closer to me and I curl up in myself, after closing my eyes.

Everything hurts...

It hurts so bad, but the pain in my heart is thousand times worse than the pain my body is experiencing.

What is there left for me anymore?

I lived for him until now. It was the hope of meeting him which kept me alive and pushed me to fight for survival but now...

It's all gone.

He does not want me either. I am really cursed.

No good feeling is for me.

No happiness. No peace. No harmony...

No love.

Before losing my grip on my mind, I feel the mark on my neck burning furiously and I hear his deep voice in my head for the last time.

“ The curse must end now, Mate. ”


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she should keep on that hope
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I hope he will not kill her
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Wow I hope that he will do right to her and make her his luna

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