Chapter 09


I was devastated the moment I saw the Red Crescent Moon mark - a mate mark, on her neck. Did she have another mate? Was she marked by someone else? I wonder, as I dig my claws deeper into her flesh. Her blood trickles down my claws and then I feel it...

The excruciating pain in my heart.

It's like someone is stabbing me repeatedly with a silver dagger when I try to take her heart out and it dawns upon me.

The voices I have been hearing in my head, the pain I have been feeling, all the emotions that were not mine...

It was all her. All along.

She was my mate, but she was already marked. How was this possible when I never marked her?

To find out if it’s really my mark or not, I hurt her some more and a smirk pulls up at her lips, making me frown.

She knows what's happening to me. Confusion takes over my mind, but I am too stubborn to stop now.

I have waited for a long time, for this specifi


So, Cain knows now 😁 What do you think about CAIN REYES - THE ALPHA KING so far? P.S. Please spare some gems if you like the story sweeties ❤

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Comments (11)
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Karina Vazquez
That voice he hears, is a vampire compelling him to kill her?
goodnovel comment avatar
Monic Okpara
I think is he being an idiot though I don't blame him seems something happened in his past life and he only remembers fragments of it but the question is why cnt she remember and I guess she died too from her previous life if killing her now will also kill him
goodnovel comment avatar
Ngozi Aghadinuno Osuchukwu
I think Cain is very confused about the whole thing. His not remembering some details and again being so sure that he knows what he is doing

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