Chapter 10


There was some sort of needle pricking my heart as I tried to open my eyes.

The pain in my chest hasn't subsided even a little bit. If possible, the pain only grew. The healing is taking too long and I feel like someone has applied healing herbs to fasten the process of healing.

It is weird. I had no dreams this time.

Forcing myself to open my eyes, I groan out and look around me. My vision blurs out instantly and I sigh out.

“ Finally, she woke up. It's been a day already. She is too weak. ” An unfamiliar voice was informing someone.

Trying to take in their scents, I recognize one of them as the Beta - Xavier.

“ You need to come with me. ” His tone is neutral as he addresses me and I am forced to open my eyes once again.

My eyes roam around for a moment before I fix them at Xavier who is standing on my left side. He looks serious.

So...The Alpha King didn't find it in himself to k
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Pana 123
I can imagine d pains
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Bella Jersey
Oh you go girl don’t give him satisfaction
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go girl! i like her!! ...

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