Chapter 12


What. The. Fuck.

I have to reject that asshole? No way in hell!

If I reject him and this mark disappears, he is going to kill me and he won't die with me.

I feel like snapping that Witch or Oracle Amanda's neck. How did she even come here?!

“ Stay there. ” Xavier warns as I step too close to him.

What's with all of them wanting me to stay far-far away from them?

It's not like I am powerful or I can hurt them. I grin at him creepily as he eyes me down.

The door to the study room opens again and Amanda steps out. She walks over to me and stops. Her eyes glaze over, creeping me out.

“ Cursed girl. ” She speaks in the robotic tone, causing me to jump back from her.

Facing me completely, she takes a step forward. Her eyes scream knowledge and knowledge always scares me.

Oblivion is a gift from Moon Godde
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Bella Jersey
Somebody get her some mouthwash, toothbrush, and toothpaste
goodnovel comment avatar
ew...he just had sex with crazy 20 min ago ...
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Terry Gill
Lung is a body part not an action.

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