Chapter 13


Just as my lips land over his, I feel sparks flying in the air. My breathing turns erratic and I stay still.

What am I doing? That's a logical question.

But, I take another step forward leaving no space between us. He doesn't bring me closer but he doesn't push me back either.

We both are seated in the same sinking boat. The deep water in which we are going to drown, scares us so we cling to each other in these last moments of life.

Suddenly, he snakes his hand around my head and tugs at my hair causing our lips to detach. My neck archs back painfully, as I try to shake off this drunk feeling.

My eyes find his in this hazy moment. He is glaring at me but there is that carnal need clouding his eyes.

It's all this mate bond's fault but Moon Goddess does everything for a reason.

“ Do you feel this? Do y-you think you can feel this with Olivia? ” I whi
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Shadale Foster
he is one sick individual and I'm dying to know what the damn curse is and what she's got to be fixing
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
I’m ready for this game
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
That is just sick he purposely hurt and she’s going crazy

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