Chapter 14


After he said that he is going to make me reject him, he summoned Xavier and sent me off to these lovely dungeons again.

It's so cool in here. One can stare at the darkness for hours and think about everything over and over again.

Sighing, I bring my knees closer to my chest and I let my back rest against the wall as I sit thinking about what to do now.

Why did I kiss him? That's all I have been thinking for hours.

I am so Stupid.

I sighed dramatically and decided to just lay down on the cold floor. There is a heavy smell of blood in here and it makes me nauseous.

After laying down, I gaze at the dark ceiling, his eyes flashing in my mind for the nth time.

' You must fix what you ruined. ' What did Amanda mean by it? It's hard to know.

Amanda made everything sound like it is my fault and I have been thinking about this repeatedly.

What did I

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goodnovel comment avatar
Lydia Greaves
I cant wait for Olivia to go, bye bye Olivia you won'tbe needed anymore....
goodnovel comment avatar
Yup Olivia is horrible anyway so yup she needs to go or die
goodnovel comment avatar
Bella Jersey
No to smart won’t you feel the pain too

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