Chapter 15


“ Sex Maniac. ” I mumble under my breath for the nth time.

It's just been a day that I have began living in this room and this is the nth time, that Sex Maniac is having sex with Olivia in the room beside mine.

It's not a good feeling at all.

He is doing this to hurt me, to anger me, to frustrate me. And he is succeeding easily.

My heart twists and turns in my chest as I get those flashes of what he is doing. My ears hurt as I listen to Olivia's not so quite screeches.

Even if she was not-so-loud, I will still be able to hear her, but she has to scream so loud that I feel like my ears are going to bleed soon.

I turn around in the bed and push my face down in the pillow before spreading my arms on the bed.

I feel like crying. This is purely because of this shitty Mate Bond.

I hate hi- The pangs of pain shoot through my heart again and I
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Tonie Sledge
lol she’s good!!
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Go girl! You got nothing else to lose and he can’t kill you without killing himself.
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Bella Jersey
Nice very nice

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