Chapter 16


Dark Circles adorn my eyes as I stare at my reflection.

I am sure I will not be able to speak for a few days now. I kept chanting the same thing for the whole night and it must have infuriated him enough that he stopped whatever activity he wanted to continue with Olivia.

Thank Moon Goddess, he never came to my room. He would have definitely ripped my heart out of my chest this time.

I brush my teeth and brush my now dried hair. I finally took a long bath and I feel new now. I mean really new. It's like I am recycled.

Smiling at my own thoughts, I tie my hair in a ponytail when I feel his presence in my room.

Turning around, I step out of the bathroom and see him standing in the doorway of my doorless room.

I notice the dark circles under his eyes and the redness in his eyes.

Don't smile.

Don't laugh.

Don't snicker.

I repeat
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Bella Jersey
Yep this is gonna be fun

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