Chapter 56 - Brandon

“Members of the Artemis Pack!” The Oracle booms into the banquet hall, arms spread wide and a smile on her face.  The meal was magnificent, a true testament to Clara’s skills as a hostess.  Now it was time for the ceremony.

Lucille’s salutation is greeted with howls and thunderous applause.  “Today we are completing our pack’s new leadership with the ascension of our new Beta!

“Brandon Snow will take his place beside his mates, Alpha Zakary Loup and Luna Charlotte Loup, and his friends Gamma Devin Laoch and Delta Xander Hawthorne.  I cannot imagine a better choice for Lady Selene to pick as the second-in-command and helpmate to our beloved Alpha and Luna.  His faithful and selfless service nearly led him to reject his mates for the good of our pack.  I cannot imagine a more committed and loyal wolf to help lead us.”


Hey friends - Just to clear up any questions about my posting schedule - I post every Monday and Thursday according to Goodnovel time (they are stationed in Singapore). I will do occasional posts when milestones are reached (a specific number of views or subscribers), but that is the set schedule. We are getting close to the end of this book and I'm working on book two now. I'll give you more info as we get closer to the end. Thanks for all of the love. You guys are amazing!

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Winston Lime
I love this Story and I cant wait for more

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