Chapter 9 - Brandon

Feeling better, but no less confused, I quickly walk to Zak’s office. The office of the Alpha is on the top floor of the packhouse. It is the only part of the top floor that is not dedicated to his home. Still, the office is large, with it’s own full bathroom attached.

I knock on the door and let myself in, as usual. The room is brightly lit from the floor to ceiling windows on the far wall. The room is decorated with plush chocolate-colored carpeting and pale yellow walls. Zak set up a seating area with large, brown, leather couches. Though he has a desk, it is pushed against the wall and only used when necessary. That was the extent of Zak’s decorating abilities, so Charlie had stepped in. She added yellow throw pillows and blankets, shelving, and pictures of the pack, their families, and the four of us growing up. There is a coffee table in the middle of the sitting area and end tables between the couches. Flowers decorated the tables and there was a serving table on the side
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