Chapter 4 Fulfilled

"Wow, that girl is a tigress. Look at the marks on your neck!" Kent exclaimed in shock when they met the following day. 

Chris looked at Beam looking appalled with the marks on Beam's neck, it has kiss marks. 

Beam just smiles and wink at them in response because as usual, he doesn't need to explain anything to them. They are already used to Beam's sex escapade but this is the first time that they have seen him boldly marked on visible spots. 

"Sex is great" Beam just wink at them and they continue to walk towards the auditorium while Beam is trying his best not to limp. His ass is so sore, although he has taken painkillers, it just only lessens the pain, he is still uncomfortable walking. The man was a real beast last night, he was so angry at Beam who almost spent the night with some random girl. 

He can't tell his two friends what he is enduring or hell will break loose from all the questions that the two would possibly fire at him. 

All the graduates are already on the field waiting for the procession of the university officials and their honorable guest speaker. 

Beam is seated with his friends. They are so happy and it's so obvious on their faces. After their graduation, they could all focus on the upcoming licensure examination. 

"Ahhh this is it. Finally" Chris exclaimed when the ceremony started and the buzzing sound in the field was like a wave in the ocean. 

"Our guest speaker is an engineering graduate here. They are also the owner of this school and he is a young CEO at his age" someone is whispering behind the three best friends. 

"Idiot, who would not know the Grey family, they are one of the richest families in the country, even in the whole Asia" the other one added. 

"Archer Grey is a young billionaire no wonder he is the most sought bachelor of the country today" 

"Look at him, he is so handsome. Every girl's dream, perfect rich husband" 

Beam and his two best friends just look at each other and smile while listening to the whispering behind them. 

Beam looks at the man on the stage, yes indeed Archer Grey is very handsome and indeed a perfect rich husband to the lucky girl in the future. 

After a while, the whispers stopped as the ceremony started. The guest speaker delivered his inspirational speech to all graduates.

Everyone is in awe while listening to the powerful speech of the man on the stage. He is indeed very influential and his every word would create a spark for those who are listening to achieve further than what they have dreamed. He may be young but his insights are immeasurable, no wonder he became the youngest CEO  billionaire. 

The whole field is so quiet while Mr. Archer Grey is delivering his speech, everyone is attentively listening to his every word. Even Beam was hooked with the man, his heart seemed to brighten. He wanted to pat himself, knowing he had been doing the right thing to achieve his goal. Beam was inspired to work harder than he used to because of the inspiration from the CEO's every word. 

Beam together with the whole graduating students are smiling and nodding from time to time during the whole speech of their guest speaker. It is so obvious that he has inspired the whole graduates of K University. 

After the inspiring speech, graduates lined up to get their diploma, distributed by their respective faculty deans together with the guest speaker and the university's officials. 

Beam received his diploma and received the congratulatory handshake from their dean, the university president, and their guest speaker. Beam smiles at them politely and he was in awe when Mr. Archer Grey smiles warmly back at him. 

Beam just felt a little embarrassed when he noticed that Mr. Grey is intently looking at the not so faded marks on his neck. Beam knows that he knows what those marks are. He felt himself blushing before he went down from the stage. 

Beam is so elated with his encounter with the young CEO. He is so amicable despite his achievements and social status. Everyone in the country thinks that the Grey family is like a royal family. No one could measure their vast influence either in politics or in economics. 

The graduation ceremony has ended and all were so happy with the momentous event. It concludes all their hard work and perseverance. 

Chris and Kent are with their families to celebrate and they have invited Beam to join them. Beam politely declined and worn a smile even if his heart has a pang of hollowness. This event simply reminds him that he has no one to offer and share it with. 

Yesterday he has visited the tomb of his parents and he stayed there talking to the two cold stones for two hours, offering his success. He only has those two tombstones every time he feels down. 

He was on the way to his car when he received a blank message. He smiles and quickens his steps towards his car. This is probably the last blank message he will ever receive. He graduated today and everything about the person behind the blank messages will also end. 

He will reclaim his freedom and as what he would usually put into his mind, he will bury this past to the deepest part of his memory and move on with his brighter life as a medical doctor, but before that, he will enjoy the man tonight. An excited smile lingered on his lips as he drove towards their meeting place. 

Beam enters the room feeling ecstatic. He saw him sitting on the couch with paper bags on the coffee table usually scattered with documents. Their eyes meet and the man gestures to him to come. 

"For you" the man calmly said while gesturing to the paper bags. 

Beam slowly opens the bags containing some gifts, there are signatured watches, perfumes, bags, clothes, and shoes. 

He was surprised by the man's gesture, this is the first time that his sugar daddy has given him gifts. He is very generous with money, but he never gave Beam gifts. He knows that it's his graduation but Beam still can't believe that he will go this far. 

"Thank you" Beam politely thanks him and happily opens the bags to see all of the gifts while the man is just silently watching. 

After a while, the doorbell rang and a cart of sumptuous dinner was served on the table by the two waiters. There is also wine and champagne. 

Beam doesn't say anything but he is happy with the effort of the cold man. It's so obvious that they are celebrating his graduation and he is so happy even if he cannot show it to the emotionless man in front of him. 

Despite the awkward silence between them, Beam still enjoys their dinner and it's their first time to eat together. Beam had thought that he would be celebrating his graduation night alone, but this man, as cold and unconcerned as he usually is, made this day memorable to him. Aside from the gifts he has received and the dinner he prepared, it's the effort that really touches him. 

It's for the first time that the man summons him not because he needs his body to satisfy his lust or to let out the pressures from his work. Beam is happy that he has someone to share his success with today, even if that someone doesn't have any emotional connection with him. 

What they have is purely physical, just the need for the flesh that they both enjoy. But it's about to end tonight, now that Beam has already graduated. 

They both fulfilled their part of the bargain, anything at stake has been satisfied. After this night, Beam is already free from the obligation that bound him to the deal they had. 


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