Chapter 6 Mama Bee

"Mimi Theo wants mama doc Bee!" the boy is stubbornly stomping his feet while whining.

"Who is mama doc Bee?" the lady asked, perplexed about what her grandson was talking about.

"Mama doc Bee, Theo go mama doc Bee! Theo, mama doc Bee ith pweytty pweytty" the boy is already teary while trying to explain to his grandmother what he wants.

"Lin what is Theo trying to say?" the lady confusedly asked the nurse who had been agitated for a while when Theo started to ask for the handsome doctor.

"Ahm, madam, it's the doctor in the hospital, Theo wants Dr. Beam" the nurse nervously explained.

"Theo, mama! Doc Bee, Theo want doc Bee, pweathe mimi" the boy shouted when he heard Beam's name.

"In Grey Medical Center?" the lady asked to confirm.

"Yes madam, when Theo had his regular check up, he met Dr. Beam there" the nurse explained.

"Theo wanth mama. Pweathe mimi?" Theo continues to plead. The woman gaped for a while, staring at her grandson.

"Alright, we will go to the hospital
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Michelle Juliana
i just love that kid i think he will kill me with cuteness............
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Carmen Pelley
I read this originally when you had it on another site, Loved it then had to. one find it so I could reread it. Still Love it!

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