Chapter 21 Road To Living

Beam woke up to the sound of the birds chirping and the rustling of leaves that were softly swaying with the wind.

Calmness and peace envelop his senses but still, he feels something missing. He sighed and forced himself to get out of bed. He is so tempted to just stay and pass the day by sleeping. 

He is on vacation to explore and enjoy not confine himself alone in this lonely cabin. 

Beam dragged himself to take a shower, to pick his clothes to wear and join the breakfast table. 

"Hello, Beam. Ready for today's activity?" Chloe approached him while he dazedly ate his breakfast. 

"Hello, Chloe. Yes sure, let's give it a try" Beam automatically smiles seeing the smiling and bubbly girl. 

Chloe chuckles at Beam's reaction. She understands how dim the world is around someone when the heart is aching. 

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Abaton Claire
I love this chapter ...️...️...️
goodnovel comment avatar
I couldn't agree more with you. The author writes so beautifully x
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Spinkie the rabbit
What’s written about love in this chapter is so beautifully written.

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