Author: Aishatu.Xx


Lying on the hospital bed is a beautiful young lady who has been through a lot. An accident occurred six months ago and she's one of the persons inside the car. Unfortunately, the other person died instantly. They were only two people in the car and she was the other one. She slipped into coma immediately after giving birth to her bouncing baby boy. The other man is her husband and he died instantly without a single breath coming out from him when the ambulance get to him.

"I think she's moving her thumb. That means she'll wake up soon." The old doctor explained to the Lady's mother who was standing next to him as he examine her daughter.

"Alhamdulillah! Thank you, doctor." She smiled gratefully at him before taking her place back on the chair next to the bed.

The doctor left, leaving the Lady and the worried mother behind. She has been in and out of the hospital for six months. Her daughter is lying lifelessly on the hospital bed with many tubes around her. Not that she's not thanking God for giving her daughter to have another chance to live. There are a lot more for her to explore. She just gave birth to her first baby and her husband died before he could see the baby.

There is a slight chance that her memory will still be intact. Her mother knew it was bad for her to not want her daughter to have her memories back. Even if she'll forget about her. Those memories will be very bad for her health as the doctor had said. If her memories come back, especially the horrible ones, she'll have a very serious problem, or maybe even die. It is very dangerous in her condition as she is very weak for that.

No mother will wish that for her daughter but this condition is different, the circumstances are different. It is not good for her daughter to forget about her husband and baby but everything is taking another lane. Everything is changing it's lane. No one knew this would happen only Allah, the best planner. He alone knows what He is planning for her daughter right now. No matter what happens, she is still with her God, He could see the tears and plea. He will answer there du'a, maybe just not now.

"Salamatu, let's go home. You can come back tomorrow." The woman's husband whisper to the woman as he snake his arms around her shoulder trying to get her to stand up. She didn't know when he walked in.

"Abban Nana, please. I want to stay with her here today. The doctor said she might wake up soon since her thump moved earlier. I don't want to miss any part of her life again." She sobbed. She has been doing that a lot lately.

"I know that. I also don't want to miss any part of her life, Salamatu. She won't want to see you like this." He coaxed.

"But you'll bring me back early in the morning, agreed?" She asked.

"Yes, I agree. I'll be here with you." He manage to remove her from the chair and together they walk out of the hospital room they've been coming in and out of, for six months.

They have been terrible to her daughter till she get married. Not only their daughter, even their son. They didn't treat them with derision but still, it wasn't enough. They thought that if they don't get too attached to them, they can let them go when the time comes -marriage. Not knowing that they're ruining their children's life slowly. Their own children don't visit them ever since they got married. And now that they think it'll be good for them to visit, this happened. They were on their way to visit her even though her son in-law forced her own daughter to visit her.

Even her son don't visit their home when he knew they'd be around, he only visits when his baby sister was in the house and after she left, he never set his foot in their house. At first, she was happy about it. But now, she feel nothing but nothingness. She gave birth to children but didn't know the warmth of having children. It is all her fault and she also drag her husband into her own stupid game. She didn't make them feel loved! She's ready to enshrine them with so much love.



She can feel her own hands moving, her brows furrowing in confusion and her eyelids shaking from wanting to open them but couldn't. She moved her toes, and it moved. She thought she was paralyzed when she couldn't move her whole leg but did it after much effort. Then what is wrong with her? Why can't she open her eyes and it looks like she has been sleeping for a long time and her head is throbbing.

It takes so much exertion from her before her eyes open only to close because of the blinding light that is reflecting everywhere. She open it again and try to adjust to the light but then something was beeping very loudly which have her cringing away from the sound before everything settle in. It was a heart monitor. But what is it doing next to her and why the hell is she lying down on the hospital bed.

Two nurses and a doctor walked in hurriedly to see what is wrong, only to look at the patient with pure shock and tinge of happiness. The patient look at them weirdly and that get the doctor to start speaking. She would've spoken but her throat is very dry. She feels anhydrous.

"Hello! I'm doctor Shu'aib. How are you feeling?" His smile looks creepy to her because it looks like he has been doing the same thing the whole day. Trying to look happy whilst seeing dead bodies everywhere is not possible.

"W-wat-" they didn't let her finish what she's saying, one of the nurses immediately went to her side to adjust the pillow and the other one hold her head in place, serving her the the water gently. She didn't know where the water came from.

They both step back when she raised her hand, letting them know that the water is okay for her. They smile gently at her before going back to their position, beside the doctor. She didn't notice the grey pagers they're holding till when the doctor motion that he'll start something that only they can understand. It was a hand gesture so she didn't understand.

"So, how are you feeling?" He asked gently, sitting on the chair beside her bed where her mother always occupy.

"I feel okay, Alhamduli'Allah." She wasn't lying. She's feeling good and ready to go back home.

She can't remember anything happening to her. She came back from the Islamic school she teaches and collapsed on her bed and that's it. What is wrong with her? She was perfectly okay except the tiredness she felt after a long day at Islamic school. She is not even going to university 'cause she wants to expand her knowledge in Islamic school and even teach in one if Allah give her the knowledge and chance to, and she started.

"Why am I here though? I can't remember coming here." She looks as puzzled as she is feeling.

"Uh- what's today's date?" He asked, his face morph into something she could only read as hope.

"Twelfth January 2014?" The answer came out more as a question. If anything, it makes her even more confused than ever. Why is he asking questions like she has lost her memory?

"And what is it that you did last before waking up here?" He asked again, the hope in his face has already vanished from the answer she gave him earlier.

"I came back from Islamic school and lie down to get some sleep because I was tired." She answered.

"Okay, alright. Now get some rest, it's midnight. Your parents will be here in the morning. Goodnight!" The doctor smiled one last time before matching away with his minions. She chuckled at her word 'minions'.

'Uh, huh. My parents are coming? What a pleasant surprise.' She whispered inwardly before making a face.

With a little smile playing on her lips, she drifted off to sleep. Even if she don't have a good relationship with her parents, she still wants to see them. That means they care about her to take her to the hospital when she's only tired. They thought something was wrong with her. This little thing they did brought hope to her heart, the one that she has been wanting to have even if it is in her dream. She just hope she won't wake up in her lilac and baby pink colour room.

"She is sleeping. Don't worry, she'll wake up soon." The doctor console the woman who was about to cry. He walk out and just then her daughter open her eyes.

"My baby, you're up! How are you feeling?" She asked worriedly, putting her right hand on her forehead to feel her temperature. She was extremely meticulous with her actions and words.

"I'm good, mom." She croak out. The woman wanted nothing than to climb on top of a mountain and shout it all that her daughter called her mom today and not mother. This is just the start.

"I was so worried. You didn't wake up when I walked into your room to wake you up earlier." The woman go along with the doctor's order. She can't lose her daughter because of just some memory even though it consist of the most important part of her life, it is not better than losing her daughter.

"Maybe I was very stressed. Dot worry about it. I want to go home, I have a class to teach tomorrow in the morning." She croak out.

Her mother looks a bit taken aback. It's true, her daughter really lost three good years from her memory. Oh Allah, please help her pass this trial. This is a huge test and she hope she won't fail it. How can they tell her about her husband and son? What is going to happen now? Everything is just getting more and more twisted.

"I'll just go and talk to the doctor. Your father is with him, let me go and see what is going on." Her mother said before patting her hand and standing up. She lean down to kiss her daughter's forehead with contingency.

The patient notice that the tubes are removed from her body and she can now move without any problem. She took the water she saw by the bedside to take a sip then keeping it back down.

"You can't tell her about what happened. If you ever to try make her think hard about those memories, she might lost her life trying to think hard about it. Her heart is still very weak, don't push her into remembering it. With time, eventually everything will come back. Hers' seems to be temporary, just give her time. Make sure her son is very close to her, that might help. You can wait for a year or two to get her married, her husband will play a big role here. He'll help her very well. It's very perilous." The doctor explained.

"Thank you, doctor. We'll take our leave." The man said, standing up from his seat.

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