Two Years Later. . .

She smiled looking at what she just drafted in the pile of poems she has written. She is insane about happy endings, mad about love stories, magnet for clichés and strong love for sadness. She doesn't have any problem writing poems just for her own happiness and daydreams. Mostly, Islamic poems about her religion. She also sites a lot about sad ones like she was once heartbroken even though she wasn't. She has been alone all her life and she likes it.

She'll lie down on her bed and wait for the idea to burst in through her and like a spirit, she'd jump off the bed and write, no matter what time it is or what she was supposed to do. Having nothing to do at home other than lazy-ing around the house. Locked up in her room, she'll do many shenanigans, all on her own. The Islamic school she's teaching are on a vacation for the end of the term. She has been trying to augment her knowledge but still lazy to do so.

Left with only an iPad and a computer to quench her boredom, Nana only writes. She has logged into I*******m and YouTube which she's really active on and have many followers and subscribers. She'd post some of her many weird poems or pictures with her older brother who she was sure was the person who brought so many followers and subscribers for her. She is a nobody but she always gets motivated when she read the comments of people liking her poems.

Her brother; Fahad Talib Arielo, a twenty eight year old, famous football player living in America with his wife- Sakinah and his two year old son- Khumais. He visits often to water most of her boredom but that is once a month or once in two months. She really appreciate his offer even though mostly he come back because of business but he'd never fail to visit her whatsoever. And she appreciate his offer, leaving his son to spend a month with her, or more to with her. Strangely, they named the boy after the name she always wished to call her own son.

She has no friends except Hanna -she's not counted- Nana would care less about the world outside her house. She always likes it alone. And now that her parents finally allowed her to continue teaching -after asking her to take two months off and rest, she couldn't be any exultant -to go back. But then again, she still don't need a friend. She has been a nerd throughout her highschool -which she can't really remember- life and she likes it like that.

Standing up from her desk chair, she stalked to the bathroom with her slothful eyes and arms. Typing can be very exhausting sometimes but she won't give up till all those ideas are discharge them into letters and words arrange orderly. She loves poem! The ideas will just come up and then she'll put it into words. The heartbreaking ones are her favorite, she likes sad stuff.

Taking a long relaxing shower, she felt all the tending muscles in her body quenched and that feels good. She bounced to her closet to bring out something to wear. The whole closet has only three native wears which she has never worn -no where to go and no weddings to attend. She has so many gowns, trousers, shirts, kimonos, crop tops, jallabiyas, jumpsuits, hoodies, sweats and many skirts also.

Her parents made sure they provide anything a girl will need. They spoil her rotten in not so good way since they don't know her taste or anything related to her. She's happy that they're finally trying to squeeze their time and spend sometime with them.

Briefly looking at her closet, she wrestled a denim blue jeans -that stopped just before her ankle and a baby pink sweater which has 'Make me cry' at the arms, written in sky blue- from it's hanger. After wearing that, she tied a blue head tie expertly to cover her natural black hair. Adding a white converse, she left the room but came back to pick her favorite wrist watch which was a gift from her brother.

She knew that they won't be any non-mehram in the house.

She leisurely moseyed down the stair as usual, knowing her parents are not home leaving the house all to herself, their maid -Zulai, a forty year old widow and her daughter -Hannatu, she's sixteen year old but really bubbly and they're like friends. She find herself in the kitchen where Zulai is preparing her breakfast, sausage, eggs, toasts and hot coffee was placed in front of her. She drooled at the sight before yawing her gaze to the woman.

"Thank you, Aunty Zu!" she cheered before digging right into her breakfast. From what you could see, she's a foodie, she likes food with her whole life that's why she weighed more than how girls want to see their selves nowadays.

She's not really fat nor chubby. She has full chest, wide hips, and her thighs touch each other but she's never conscious of her body and happy because she has a really flat belly even with her weight, her belly never disappoint her, she also have a very small waist. Her chubby cheeks which she really admire even though it is not really chubby, her button nose, slit dark eyes, perfect arched brow which doesn't have much hair, long lashes and tan skin.

"You're welcome, Nana." Zulai beamed before going back behind the stove, probably to finish the securitys' breakfast.

"Where is Hanna?" She asked after putting her plate into the dish washer.

"Watering the flowers in the garden, dear." Zulai replied cleaning her hands on the pineapple apron around her.

"Let me go and see her," she slowly bounced to the garden to help the girl water the flowers, especially her favorites, orchids.

If you don't really know her, you'd say she is deaf or something. She never talks to a stranger no matter how persistent you'll be. Normally, she'll act happy even though she's not but she only does that because Zulai always find it hard to please the girl. Nana found out that the woman really cared about her when she heard their conversation with her daughter Hannatu. From then, she lets herself loosen around them which was some years back and now she's already used to them like the family she never had. Not that she doesn't appreciate her parents love, it's just that they're very busy for her.

Her brother left when he was only fifteen to start practicing football and pursue his dreams which makes her feel so lonely at a very young age. And she wasn't allowed to go to university -she didn't want to. She'd always sit down and ask herself why they want her at home when she's doing nothing but never complained since she is also not into universities. They're her parents and they'd never do something bad to her, she knew that deep down.

"Hanna!" Nana yelled from the kitchen backdoor where she followed as a shortcut.

"Nana." She yelled back letting a huge grin to take over her frowning face. Nana is always there to cheer her up.

"Need any help?" Nana asked, walking to where Hanna was watering the flowers.

"Yes! I just need to cut those unwanted plants and that's all," she handed the garden scissors to Nana.

"Let's get this over with and start something fun," Nana mumbled before getting into work.

"I agree!" Hanna replied immediately also bored out of her mind even with the serenity and comforting smell of flowers.

Limping to her bathroom, she open the door and went inside only to find out her period came. She groaned before tidying herself up and walking out of the bathroom. She snuggled into her comfy bed and close her eyes to ease the pain in her lower abdomen. She hates medicine and prefer injection so she didn't bother looking for a painkiller.

After what felt like forever, she was finally able to close her eyes only to be awoke by a baby's voice. She shut her eyes more thinking that she was just dreaming about her nephew but when she felt someone's weight on her, she immediately shoot her eyes open to be greeted with her nephew's innocent dark orbs. Blinking severally and fisting her hand over her eyes, she still could see him then it hit her, it's true, he's here.

"Bundle of happiness!" she beamed at the baby as he toothily look at her.

She jumped and hugged him earning a giggle from him. He snuggled into her more as she smell his baby smell- pineapple smell. Oh she missed this bundle of joy. But where are his parents? She asked herself before pulling away to look around the room and there they were, looking at them with a small smile playing on both their lips. Her brother- Fahad stood there with his wife- Sakinah.

"Brother mine!" she jumped to her feet after lying her nephew on the bed.

"Sister mine!" He laughed with a very deep voice as he hug her tighter than she did. She missed him.

"Sister mine, you've forgotten about me," his wife, Sakinah pouted feigning hurt.

"And who am I to forget about you, my queen," she bowed before hugging her just as tight.

"Silly," her brother shook his head at his sister who'll never forget about that moment- when he always call his wife my queen in front of her so she always tease them with it.

"But you didn't tell me you were coming today, brother mine." she raised a brow at her brother.

"It was a surprise and what will it be if I tell you? A visit," he answered his question with a shrug.

"Okay okay! Is any of you hungry or who's up for a movie?" She asked and they both groaned. That's his sister, always trying to drain their energy whenever they set their feet in the house. And to think that she's the introverted he's seeing when he'll bring a friend over, is something else.

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