Tomorrow is the day. . .

Nana stood tall in front of her students -females- looking at the throngs. Today will be her last day here and she wants to make most if it by talking about the topic every female will want to hear. They ask her to talk about Menstruation a long time ago but she said she wants to tackle more about it before transporting it to them. She is going to resign today and none of the students were happy about it, both male and female and even some of the teachers she doesn't talk to. She is kind of happy that she'll be missed but also sad. She loves them each in her own kind of way but half her deen is also calling out to her.

Her soon to be in-laws house which by the way is where she's going to live, is not close to her house nor the Islamic school so now she'll have to resign, she doesn't even know what to do. She has no other choice! She has a

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