Zayn groaned for the nth time beside Nana. This is the set of eighth guests and he's tired of going from living room to his bedroom so he kissed Nana's cheek again, telling her that he'll be in the other living room and he's going to lock himself up. She should tell them that he is not around. Nana didn't even hear much but she gets where he's coming from and understand it. That kiss only spike up her heart rate after been startled by the doorbell in the middle of their movie watching which he insist on. His kisses are like dire which she needs protection from.

Regaining her breathing, Nana plaster a fake smile for the umpteenth time today to accept the guests. Most if them are Zayn's distant family members, thank God Maaysa is the one accompanying them, the awkwardness will not be too suffocating. How she manage the other sets is beyond her e

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