Zayn could see from the side of his eyes as his wife kept fidgeting on her seat at the passenger's side. She's itching to ask questions and trying to hide from her previous action which he very much liked. Her innocence is back with full force even before they left the place and that is just intriguing him to her every time. She's just full of do many things but she didn't let herself get too comfortable. He needs to change that, and that too soon. First, she'll ask him so many questions as soon as they settle in the house, he'll make sure she asks him. He's not ready to answer the answers I details but he wants her to ask him that will show how much she cared.

You can't just see someone calling your husband baby and won't get jealous about it.

"Stop fidgeting." He rolled his eyes at her when she shot a glare at him. His feisty wife is back and he's welcoming her with open arms.

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