Zayn messaged his sisters immediately before rushing to the car, tugging his wife by his side, the sun is about to set. He sent a quick message to Mashhub also before starting the car and straight to the hospital. He kept mumbling any du'a that comes to the tip of his tongue, underneath his breath as he looks restless and sad. This can't be happening, his father should not keep suffering for something that isn't his fault. He should better stop with the worries before it ends his life sometime, it's getting too much and now it's affecting their mother and them.

Zayn knew that his father is thinking about his deceased sister who died in a car accident. She was on her way to their house when it happened and he thought it was because he pressured her to visit them that it happened. He thought that if he hadn't pressure her that time, she would've been in the hotel room she's staying at and nothing would've happe

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