"We can go out all together later, don't you think?" Nana asked the girls on the phone as she mix Khumais' cereal in a cute blue bowl for him. He woke up and started making a fuse so she has to make some for him.

"Yes, great idea. Hidaya can at least cool off some steam, right Hids?" Rukayyah laughed when Hidaya grunted into the phone.

She saw Jumaimah with Mu'ayyad more than three timed and when she asked him if he likes her, he agreed and said he might even love her. He doesn't have any chance with Nana so why not have the other Nana, he's liked them both since then so he will just hit his drum. She's asked one of the renowned scholars if her marriage with Mu'ayyad is permissible and it is confirmed to be permissible in Islam since his parents didn't give birth to her. She wanted to start making her moves on Mu'ayyad but she backed out when he confessed and also she told Jumaimah about her almost growing feelings for her brother but not

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