"You think so?" Jumaimah asked, tilting her head to the side as she touched the texture of the hijab she is holding.

"I know so." Mu'ayyad grinned and continue to remove stacks of hijab from the vendor.

She was silently sitting in her room when he called her and ask her for a stroll which she gladly accepted. While walking around the streets, they saw a middle aged man walking with rows of hijab in a hanger and Mu'ayyad stooped them saying the mint green one will look beautiful on her and that is how she find herself changing from this colour to that colour while the man only stared at them happily thinking the will buy a lot and they did.

At the end of it, they took five hijabs and added tip to the man who kept raining prayers and praises on them because he will no longer hawk for the day and will take the money to his family so they could eat. They haven't had anything since the pap they took in the morning and that pap

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