Seven days after Naazwa's demise, everyone is now slowly getting out if their grieving situation and are now functioning a little more properly than before. The Borkan mansion's light is brought back but not like before, they are slowly trying to bring back the happiness that was there before because that is what Naazwa would've want them to have if she was there and alive.

Nana, Maaysa and Rukayyah remembered that they need to do something to bring smiles and happiness in the mansion so they formed a small dinner for everyone in the compound. They invited everyone and set a dining room out in the backyard with mats and lights. They cooked a lot of food and even give some to the beggars in the evening and ask them to pray for Naazwa's light in the grave. The beggars were very happy and rain prayers to Naazwa making everyone happy at their thoughtful idea.

Zayn's parents, Mu'ayyads parents, Nana's parents, Jumaimah, Maaysa, Rukayyah, Kadira

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