Chapter 65

Ann pushed him aside before fastening her bra again, followed by the buttons of her shirt and zipping her jacket up. Ann looked for her stockings and shoes. “Why do you have to make things complicated?”

“It is not complicated. I like you and I want you to be my wife but I—” Michael explained, but Ann interrupted him.

“Your wife? I am eighteen!” Ann laughed, putting on her stockings.

Michael took her shoes and kneeled at her feet, slipping them onto her feet. “I know, but one day.”

Ann looked at him, putting on her shoes for her, and smiled while thinking, ‘perhaps he won’t make a bad husband, being under my control and all.’

“I know you like me, and we can turn it into love if you allow it,” Michael said, looking up at her, placing a hand on each of her sides.

Ann cooped his face. “I am way too young to settle.”

“I know. So, I will let you explore your feelings for Paris and when you have him out of your system, I will make you mine, forever,” Michael said, before standing up.

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