Chapter 66

“You gave me the go-ahead!” Wynn protested.

“I wanted to keep her safe. I feared Shysie would kill her like he killed Soraya 900 years ago,” Paris reminded him.

“Still beats me how she got away with it,” Wynn said, his eyes on his sister that was making her way over to them.

“Come with us tonight,” Wynn suggested.

“And do what? Get tricked or killed by an enchantress? No thank you,” Paris said, walking away.

“Wait up,” Wynn said, standing up to follow him.

“Dude, I am just going to the compound. I need to feed,” Paris said.

“I will come with you,” Wynn said.

“I need some space,” Paris objected, having no plans to really go to the compound. He wanted to get out of sight and hide out until the pool was cleared so that he can sneak back for a swim. ‘Ever since he swam that first time when they arrived, he could not get enough of it. The way the water made him feel; free.

As soon as the coast was clear, Paris stripped down to nothing and dived into the pool. Paris stayed underwate
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