Chapter 70

“You are such a back stabber. Can’t believe you, William, after what she did to Ann?” Jessica spat.

“Where is Ann?” Michael asked at the same time that Ann walked into the classroom, taking his breath away.

‘I wonder if she will let me drink from her lunchtime,’ Michael wondered, standing up from the table that he was sitting on to pull her chair out for her.

“This is Ann’s seat,” Michael said, looking at Jovita.

“Not anymore,” Jovita said, staying seated.

“No need to fight over places, a few tables and chairs will arrive shortly,” Mr. Ondrink silenced the class.

Paris walked into the class and the girls made no secret of where their hearts were at, smiling at him and warning each other with whispers.

“I don’t care if you are the Virgin Marry herself, but this is my chair,” Ann said, standing in front of Jovita, making Jessica chuckle.

‘Don’t look at me, you wanted to be a teenager,’ Jessica mind linked her mother, laughing.

Jovita stood up, not happy about it, and Ann took he
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