Chapter 3

They got into the pool and wasted no time starting their slow warming up laps. The pool was just above room temperature and almost all the students in the school took part in swimming. Both Jessica and Ann did speed skating as well. During swimming class, Ann noticed she could not keep up with Shysie’s speed. Ann was the best in swimming in her grade and knew that as of today, that will no longer be the case. Shysie seemed to maintain the swimming speed of a guy. Ann felt she just did not have the stamina to beat her, even though she kept on trying. All the students stopped to look at the two going at it.

Shysie deliberately let Ann take the lead, but every time near the end of the race she overtook Ann with great speed. The students cheered on, enjoying the competitiveness. Ann got out of the pool and made her way to the locker room, noticing the swimming teacher talking to Shysie. Ann knew at that moment that her swimming career and dreams were over. She hoped she would get a scholarship at a University with her swimming, but now that dream was over.

Ann stayed under the shower, not noticing the students coming and going.

“Hi looser,” Shysie greeted, making Ann jump out of her thoughts.

Ann grabbed her towel and attempted to ignore Shysie.

“Everyone has left. Why don’t you come to join me and my friends in the pool?” Shysie asked, hoping that Ann will come willingly.

Ann just walked past her, making her way to her sports bag to get dressed, but Shysie blocked her path.

“I insist, come join us, leave your clothing, you don’t need them,” Shysie compelled Ann.

Ann felt herself making her way to the pool against her own will.

“Look who I found,” Shysie said diving into the pool and coming up showing just her eyes, smiling underwater.

Both Paris and Wynn were shocked that Shysie compelled her to join them with no clothing on. Shysie lifted her head from the water as Ann got into the pool. “Dinner is served, boys,” Shysie said with a smile on her face and flashed her fangs. Ann felt the fear inside her making her heart rate go up, but she could not get away. She felt she was not in control of herself. Shysie dipped underwater and swam towards Ann. Shysie came up in front of Ann and traced her tongue down from Ann’s neck to above her right breast and sank her teeth in, drinking Ann’s blood. Shysie saw Ann’s life in her mind while she drank and thought to herself, ‘what a boring life.’ Shysie also saw the heated session with Paris. Wynn made his way over and sank his teeth into Ann’s side. Wynn never liked seeing the life of his prey in his mind.

Ann felt the piercing of their teeth but held still. She felt as if she was tied down. She held Paris's gaze. Ann started to feel a tingle where they were drinking from her. The tingle started to sweep through her body, and she remembered then that she felt the same amazing sensation when Paris drank her blood from her thigh. She then remembered how she got the bite marks on her thigh, and she also remembered another very disturbing memory.

She remembered Miss Wangberg transforming into a wolf and attempting to fight off Mr. Carden, but another bigger wolf ended their fight. ‘I must be dreaming,’ Ann thought to herself.

Ann was on cloud nine. With the amount of blood lost, she sank underwater when Wynn and Shysie let go of her. Ann felt so good that she didn’t have the urge to breathe. She opened her eyes and saw the sexiest guy ever, Paris. ‘He is so beautiful,' she thought to herself.

Paris landed his lips on hers and kissed her deeply before bringing her up to the surface. Paris bit his own upper arm. “Drink,” he compelled her. Paris knew that he won't be able to feed of her for the next 2 days with vampire blood in her system, but two vampires should never feed on one human at the same time unless they intend to kill their prey and the Higher Council forbids it.

Ann obeyed and drank Paris's blood. She started to see memories that did not belong to her. They scared her, but she was unable to stop drinking his blood, it tasted good, almost sweet. She started to come down from her intoxicated state and wondered why she was drinking Paris's blood.

“Stop, that is enough,” Paris compelled her to stop, and she did.

Ann immediately swam away from them, not knowing what she was doing there in the first place.

“Shit, we haven’t sealed her wounds yet,” Wynn said, about to make his way to Ann.

Dario appeared out of nowhere. “What are you guys doing feeding on school property? You guys should know better than to feed on humans that are not part of our nest.”

The three of them make their way out of the pool and left with vampire speed, leaving Dario to deal with a confused Ann.

Dario saw Ann’s beautiful naked body and glanced away. He could smell the blood and it activated his vampire instincts. He controlled himself and turned around to face a scared and confused Ann.

Ann did not know what to do. She has never acted out at school and with all memories intact of what just happened; she was filled with fear.

Dario took a step closer, but she gave one back, “Please don’t make me forget, I won't tell a soul, I promise!” she begged him.

“Fine, I won’t compel you to forget, but I must compel you not to tell anyone, ok?” Dario asked.

“Ok,” Ann said, and allowed him to get closer.

Dario put his fingers in his mouth and put saliva on her bite marks. “First, let’s get these healed up.”

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