Chapter 6

Wynn and Shysie have no memory of how they came to be. They have no memory of family either. All they knew was that they have always been the way they are and are considered the oldest vampires to walk the earth. 

Wynn, being a hybrid, had food cravings and enjoyed eating human food, even though he did not need it. Wynn never turned into a Lycan Werewolf as he has no interest in being one. A couple of hundred years ago, he turned and met his mate. When he turned back into a vampire, she tried to kill him. He was stronger than her and won the battle without killing her. He broke the mate bond, and she gladly accepted. Wynn never fell in love again and kept his guard up against love. 

Shysie dragged Paris to their room. Like every other night, they spent it making love. Paris kept on thinking about Ann and found it hard to focus on Shysie. He cut the night short. “I am going out to clear my head. Please don't follow me.”

Shysie was slightly annoyed but did not make her feelings known. 

Dario spent his nights watching his wife sleep. He would just stare for hours on end. He always wondered why she never asked to become a vampire but never asked her, as he was not sure he wanted the answer. Even when he drank from her, he did not see or felt that she had any desire to become a vampire. Every 300 years, the Council had a ritual where they allow humans that have been married for 500 years to become a Vampire. Dario wanted to bring it up with his wife but did not know how to. In a couple of months' time this year, they will be married for 500 years. He knew he had to clear the air with the council first, but wondered if it was worth putting his life and his Vampire Nest at risk if his wife had no interest in becoming a vampire. 

“Hungry? You have not drunk from me for a week,” Hanna asked, touching her husband’s lips. Dario was so deep in thought that he did not notice that his wife woke up. He looked into her deep brown eyes that reflected some aurora light shining through their large bedroom windows that had no curtains. Hanna cleared her dark brown hair from her neck and offered it to Dario. Because he has not drunk for almost a week, the urge was immense and he sank his teeth into her neck without hesitation. While he drank from her, he saw and felt that she has only love for him. He drank his fill and healed the bite marks with his saliva. He bite open his wrist and she drank from him. Hanna saw and felt her husband was troubled. When she felt his thoughts about her becoming a vampire, she stopped abruptly. She looked into his eyes. Dario knew what she just felt and seen. 

“Please explain yourself!” Hanna asked, confused. 

“Well, would you like to become a vampire?” Dario asked carefully.

“No, why would I? I will stay young as long as I drink your blood?” Hanna asked uncertainly.

“Yes, but you are not immortal. You can still die in an accident,” Dario replied, swinging his legs off the bed with his back turned to her.

Hanna snuggled up behind him and wrapped her arms around his muscled torso. “I know, but I have been fine for almost 500 years.”

“Every 300 years the council sacrifice one vampire as punishment to turn humans that qualify into vampires, if not now I will always have to worry when I am not with you, for another 300 years,” Dario said, putting his arms over hers, that was wrapped over his chest. 

“Let me think about it. When is the date?” Hanna asked, resting her head on his back.

“In four months' time, so you have time. But as you know, I still must clear the air about the innocence of my nest. I need enough time to find evidence and present it to the council, and even with evidence, there is no telling if they will even allow me to present it. Our nest is at great danger.”

“Then my answer is no!” Hanna let go of Dario and got back into bed. “What if you are the next vampire that gets sacrificed as punishment?!” 

Dario turned around and held Hanna in his arms. “I won’t let that happen. I will be careful. Just think about it.” 

Dario just lay with his wife in his arms until her morning alarm went off. They got ready for work without talking much. Hanna made breakfast for the humans that stayed with the nest before going to work. Hanna worked as a neonatologist doctor at the local hospital. 

Dario dropped her off at 6 am before heading to the school.

Ann woke up at the sound of her alarm, 6.30. She looked around her room and, after being satisfied that she was alone, she got up and got ready for school. As she made her way downstairs, she could hear her mom and Paris talking. ‘Seriously?’ Ann thought to herself.  

“Morning Hunny, look who came to pick you up for school,” Ann’s mom said, handing her a bowl of cereal.

“Morning,” Ann greeted them both, looking angrily at Paris.

“Morning, slept well?” Paris asked with a smile.

“Came for breakfast?” Ann asked sarcastically.

“Nope, I already had breakfast, thanks.” 

Ann sat at the breakfast nook and took a bite of her cereal, with Paris and her mom looking at her.

“I am off to work then, enjoy your day kids,” Ann’s mom said, plugging a kiss on Ann’s head.

“You too, Mrs. Willow,” Paris greeted her.

As soon as the door was closed behind Ann’s mom, Ann dropped her spoon into the bowl and got up, “What the hell?!”

“What? I know you make your mom late every day, so I decided to take you to school from now on,” Paris said, smiling.

“How do you know I make my mom late every morning?” Ann said, dumping the rest of her cereal into the basin.

“When I vampire drinks from a human, they see and feel your life and emotions. You are pretty boring, by the way,” Paris said teasingly.

“Well, so are you! I saw nothing interesting about your life,” Ann said, lying. When she drank from Paris, she saw and felt excitement. 

“You know the next time I drink from you I will know that you are lying,” Paris said, laughing.

“There will be no next time!” Ann said furiously. She grabbed her backpack and made her way outside.

“See yourself out. I will take the bus,” Ann said, not waiting for a response.

“Ann, wait! Don’t be like that!” Paris moved super fast, blocking her way before she made it off her porch.

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