Chapter 8

“Shysie, I am really glad we can be friends,” Ann got up and waited for Shysie to get up as well. Together, they made their way to class.

When they entered class, Ann gave Paris an annoying look and took her usual seat. She did not know why, but she felt the need to peek at Wynn. She sneaked a peek over her shoulder and thought to herself that next time she must defiantly try to sit nearer to him. Paris noticed the peak and thought that maybe that is why Ann didn’t like him. After all, Wynn also drank from her without permission, but she does not seem upset with him.

Paris was a bit disappointed by the idea that Ann might like Wynn and not him, but decided to give it another shot tomorrow. For now, he will let her be.

After school, Ann wanted to do her homework first, but she just could not focus. She could not stop thinking about Wynn. She found herself daydreaming and before she knew it; it was dinnertime.

“Ann, dinner is ready,” Ann’s mom called from downstairs.

Ann joined her mom
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