Chapter 9

“Paris, let’s talk,” Ann said behind Paris. Paris was about to get up when Shysie interrupted.

“Anything you have to say to him you can say in front of us, right Paris?” Shysie asked mockingly.

Paris knew he won’t be able to talk to Ann properly with Shysie around, “can we talk later?”

“Paris, don’t be rude. The girl has something to say. Let her speak. Take a seat, after all, this is your usual table,” Shysie invited Ann to sit down.

Everyone looked at Ann, waiting to say something. “Actually, Paris, your note said you wanted to speak to me? You go first. What did you want to talk about?” Ann asked, a bit nervous with all eyes on her.

“Nothing, don’t worry about it,” Paris said hurriedly, feeling Shysies' eyes now on him.

“Ok, well, um, you see… it feels like you are stalking me, waiting at my locker, sitting behind me in class, showing up at my house, and in my bedroom,..” Ann blurted out uncomfortably.

“I was hungry and wanted to drink. I like the way you taste. You must eat a lo
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