Chapter 10

Ann was relieved that she did not smell like meat and could no longer hold back. She touched Wynn’s thin, sexy top lip before parting his lips. Ann didn’t know what came over her, but she replaced her fingers with her lips and slowly started to kiss Wynn, savoring every part of his lips.

Wynn pulled out of the kiss, “you taste really good.”

Ann didn’t know why, but she tilted her head to the side. “You can drink from me anytime you please.”

Wynn, already knowing how good her blood tasted, was not about to let her invite him twice. He sank his teeth into her neck and drank deeply. He can feel Ann’s body relaxing as she became intoxicated. Wynn wanted to drink more but knew if he does, he has to offer himself in return and he has never had anyone drink from him before unless it was to save their life. He sealed up the bite marks and just looked at her intoxicated eyes. He turned her around and let her float in his arms. Ann felt good and relaxed. She felt it was a much better experience
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