83- Wedding vows

The next week was the busiest Max and Trevor ever had in their lives. They were busy with everything from dance lessons to fitting their wedding suits. They had decided to try on their outfits on their own, so they would have a surprise on their wedding day. Trevor was a little skeptical because he had always seen Max in a suit and could not imagine what would be different about it. The wedding was supposed to be a small affair, but it changed from day to day, eventually becoming a ceremony on a private island.

Max and Trevor had no say in organizing the ceremony or the party. Everything was handled by Gina and honestly, Trevor was grateful for her help because he had absolutely no idea what to do.

The couple was also happy with the arrangement of having the wedding on an island so they had more privacy.

Max still did not understand why his wedding had become the talk of the town, but when you come from the richest family in the country, it's a little hard to live your life without

Hello, hope you had had a good Christmas!! Here is my gift for you!!

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Chiatoh Concilia
wow very sweet....I hope u had a wonderful Christmas, thanks for the update
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Prigess Michel
I have a good Christmas thanks u!!
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Beautiful... I hope you had a peaceful Christmas, thanks for the update

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