My Healing Love (Omegaverse)
My Healing Love (Omegaverse)
Author: Pryges

1- First day

Trevor stood a little nervously outside his classroom door, took a deep breath, held onto the door, pushed it slightly, and entered his new university life. That day would always remain in Trevor's head because it was the start of something new, something he had never imagined could happen to him! Simply it was the start of an exciting love story.

The first day of school is always difficult for most people, except for those who are extroverts and can engage in conversation with someone they just met. Trevor was neither an introvert nor an extrovert: he wasn't the shy type, but he also wasn't the easygoing type who made friends easily. But unbeknownst to him, Trevor was someone who had the ability to capture anyone's heart. If you had to describe him, you could say he was ambivalent. He was a bright guy who tried to enjoy life, but with a sad past and a secret that sometimes made him distant and lose his smile.

But that wasn't why he was so nervous on his first day at Kingdom University. This day wasn't like any first day in school, because he wasn't starting a first day where everyone was new and didn't know each other, instead, he was directly integrating the last year of the strategic management cycle he had started at his previous university in another country.

When he entered the classroom, the students waiting for their professor all stared at him curiously. Some had a genuinely curious look, others were dazed and blushing at the sight of the beautiful man who had just entered their class. The students had never seen him before and were curious about the new guy who could already be on the list of the most handsome men on campus.

Seconds later, some of the people in the classroom started grinning at him because they could tell by the small amount of pheromones on his body that he was an Omega.

Trevor was already nervous but got even more nervous when all those eyes were on him. He wasn't scared because of the number of alphas in the class but hoped that he would make friends easily since alphas prefer not to mix with them as friends because of their pheromones. Luckily for him, there were some Omegas and Betas as well. Kingdom University was the best in K-town, so most of the students came from good families and were mostly Alphas.

"Hi, I'm Trevor and I just transferred here for my last year. So I'll be with you guys starting today ..." Trevor introduced himself with a cute smile, which made everyone in the classroom even more impressed by his beauty.

Trevor could be called a beauty. He had fair skin, beautiful green eyes, neck-length brown hair, and luscious pink reddish lips. His features were a little sharp when he was quiet, but once he smiled, all you could see on his face was softness and sweetness. 

When he first entered the classroom, most of the students thought he was an alpha or a beta. He was tall and had a good body with well-proportioned muscles, he looked lean but strong. Overall, when they watched him, he gave off the feeling of a confident man, added with his glasses he looked really sexy. Which made them all the more surprised when they smelled Omega pheromones on him, because he wasn't like typical omegas at all, even dominant omegas didn't look that big and strong. And that contrast was something that always drove people crazy about him.

Trevor found a spot near a girl who was blushing so hard her face was almost the colour of a tomato.

"Hi, I'm Lina, nice to meet you, where are you from? ", Lina asked, trying to make small talk with Trevor.

"I'm from here, but I came from J country... Nice to meet you too,". Trevor thought that Lina was a sweet girl breaking the awkward position he was in when engaging in a conversation with him.

Soon there were more girls around them, trying to get more information about the new pretty man in their class. They thought that with his beauty, he could easily become the prince of the school, just after Max Kayne, who was the king. They all wanted to know him more, an omega like him was like a gem in their school, so even women were really interested in him.

At some time, their professor came in and they began to work. The day went smoothly and Trevor was already the talk of the classroom as everyone was already dreaming of having him in different ways.

After classes, Trevor decided to wander around the university to take his marks since he was going to be in school a lot. But as soon as he was alone for a bit, he could feel eyes on him and Alpha's pheromones increasing around him, he knew well what they wanted and he couldn't risk staying around them like that. He just sighed and made his way back to his car with long strides. He was used to situations like this, after all, being an Omega wasn't easy.

Taking suppressants every day wasn't enough to keep people away from him those last years. His friends always told him that he had a sweet and intoxicating smell on him every time, so he attracted people like bees attracted to flowers.

As he drove to his new house, he thought about his new roommate. He hadn't gotten to see him last night when he moved in. And couldn't help but think that it was a blessing that his new roommate wasn't affected by pheromones, at least he could be at peace at home.

By the time he got home, Trevor was hungry and already thinking about the piece of steak he'd cooked before school this morning and left it in the fridge.

But when he entered the kitchen, Trevor was stunned and couldn't move a single finger.

Sitting at the dinner table in front of him, was the most flawless and handsome man he had ever seen in his life. He had black short hair, a pointed nose, pink lips and deep golden eyes. Even as he sat at the dinner table, you could tell he was large, tall and strong. His white shirt was tight-fitting, the first three buttons undone, showing off his hard pecs, making him look very sexy. His sleeves were rolled up to his elbows, showing off his strong arms. And like dominant alphas, he had that domineering aura about him and Trevor couldn't help but stand there flabbergasted. 

The man in front of him was pure gold. It seemed like everything about his appearance was to Trevor's liking, especially those golden eyes! It was the first time a man had made him feel this way. His heart was beating crazily excited about the perfect creature in front of him and at the same time, he was unusually afraid because something inside him was telling him to get closer to the man, and his body was reacting on his own to that voice. It was as if he was losing control of his body which deeply wanted to be held by the man in front of him. Trevor didn't like that feeling of losing control but while he was fighting his chaotic feelings, he heard a deep and seductive voice.

Max was looking at Trevor, who seemed to be lost in his thought with a cute stunned face. It was their first meeting, but Max couldn't help teasing the man in front of him "Do you like what you see?". 'OMG he is too cute! How am I supposed to resist him?' Max was also in deep thought looking at Trevor, Never in his life, he had seen an omega so beautiful and his smell... Max couldn't resist that beautiful smell!

Surprised by Max's voice, Trevor was immediately snapped out of his reverie and stutteringly fought the urge to speak, "I ... I ... wasn't looking at you ... I was just ... just ..." Trevor searched for a valid reason, unaware that his face was crimson. "I ... was ... Just looking at my steak you're enjoying ...?" he finally managed to say but you could see on his face that even he himself didn't buy the shit hope was saying.

"Really? Well, that's not what your face says ... " Max chuckled, enjoying the last piece of the delicious steak. "I'm sorry I ate your food, I was too hungry to wait for delivery!". Max got up to take his plate to the sink. As he passed Trevor, he leaned down to him and said in a seductive voice, "It was delicious!".

Trevor couldn't help but gulp and blush harder as he was aroused by that deep voice alone.

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