2- Meeting the Klayne (flashback)

Trevor had imagined the night before what it would be like to meet Max Klayne for the first time. Grandfather Maxwell had been praising him so much all day that he had become properly curious about the heir to Klayne's family.

When Trevor thought of the cute grandfather, he couldn't help but remember his first day in this country and his first encounter with the Klayne.


As soon as Trevor landed at K-city, he was picked up by a car and taken straight to the Klayne family mansion to meet his grandfather's best friend who had helped him return to his homeland after leaving the place when he was ten years old. When his grandfather was on his deathbed, he had promised him that he would come back to K-city and retrieve the inheritance that his father had snatched from him after leaving his mother for another woman.

After his grandfather's death, Trevor had no choice but to come back when Mr. Klayne had called him to tell him that his grandfather had asked him to take care of him until he could get comfortable in his life.

When he arrived at the Klayne family estate, Trevor was amazed at the house that stood before him. It was such a beautiful place. The house was baroque in style and gave visitors an elegant and wealthy feeling. Around the house, there was a beautiful garden with trees and even a lake. The Klayne family was the richest family in town, they had many businesses all over the country and internationally as well. Trevor had already guessed how wealthy they were. But still, looking at this estate, it was still hard to believe.

Soon a maid came and brought Trevor out of his daze.

"Master Maxwell is waiting for you sir, please follow me," Tina, one of the oldest maids in the house, informed Trevor with a fierce smile.

"Oh... yes, thank you" Trevor was a little intimidated, not knowing what his grandfather's friend was about to tell him.

As soon as he entered the house, Trevor was greeted by a gaunt old man with a wide smile who looked at him tenderly "Oh my god, you're finally here! You look so much like your grandfather! Come and give Grandpa Maxwell a hug" Maxwell was delighted to see Trevor, he had been waiting for the little man as soon as his friend had confided in him back then.

While Trevor was a little shocked by the old man's sudden love attack. He didn't quite know how to react, but before he could come to an answer, he was already dragged into the living room where Maxim Klayne, Maxwell's son and his wife Gina were waiting for him.

"Dad, you're scaring him!" Maxim looked helplessly at his father, who was holding Trevor by the arm and making him sit down next to him.

"Leave me alone! It's been almost ten years since I last saw the kid, you have grown up amazingly, you look so much ... Umm more manly! Look at those beautiful green eyes, just like his grandfather and mother... " Maxwell was really glad to see Trevor, the little man was beautiful, tall with an air of elegance, as he looked at him he couldn't help but think of his late friend. Trevor's grandfather Ethan was one of his most treasured friends who had decided to leave the country for the sake of his daughter and grandson.

*sigh* "Hello Trevor, I'm Maxim, the old man's son, and this is my wife Gina. We are very happy to meet you again. The last time we saw you was when you were ten years old" Maxim looked a little sad, thinking about the past for a moment. "But I'm glad to see how much you've grown up, you're such a handsome and smart young man now! Maxim was looking lovingly at Trevor "Besides, this is your home, so don't be shy... ".

Trevor was overwhelmed by all this love. He thought he was alone after the death of his grandfather and having this new family was such a blessing to him that he couldn't help but sob. He hugged Maxwell and thanked him as he cried.

"Thank you, Grandpa Maxwell, I thought I was alone in the world now, thank you for taking me in," Trevor was indeed really grateful, he didn't imagine that he would a new loving family like that after he lost his grandfather.

Smiling sweetly Gina couldn't help to remember the past "Oh my child, you don't really need to thank us, that's something I should at least do for your late mother, she was a really good friend of mine,".

Trevor was a little lost, it seemed like all the members of this family knew him, but he couldn't remember meeting them. He just nodded to what Gina said.

Afterwards, they ate dinner while talking about Trevor's grandfather and how they had lived there in J country. It was a happy dinner, Trevor was less shy and actually already acted as natural as if they had known each other for a long time. Maxim explained to him a little what was their business and who was the members of the family.

"Trevor, you'll be staying with Max, my son, at his mansion near your university. It will be more comfortable to stay there, plus he lives alone, so it will be good for him to have company," Maxim said, looking at Trevor.

Trevor felt a little uncomfortable with the idea. Everyone knew that the Klayne were a family of dominant alphas. He was an Omega, he didn't want to put anyone, including himself in a difficult situation when he was in heat for example.

"This... I don't know if that's a good idea... I" Trevor looked a little worried, but Maxim interrupted him...

"I can see why you look so worried" Maxime smiled "you don't have to worry about your heat period or Max's pheromones, unfortunately, my son isn't sensitive to people's pheromones even when an Omega is in heat. Besides, he has the ability to make his pheromones disappear, you won't feel his pheromones unless he wants you to." As he said that, the three, Klayne sighed at the same time. Trevor looked at them curiously and just nodded.

After that, the Klayne's had helped him set up his things in his new house and they had told him that Max was already working at the KLAYNE Corporation while he was in his last year of university. So basically he was very busy and Gina had even asked him to help out a little if he could. Trevor had assured Gina that it wouldn't be a problem, if Max needed his help, he would help him.

*End of flashback

In his room, as Trevor thought about what Gina had told him yesterday, he realized that he had actually seen some eye bags on Max's handsome face. He couldn't help thinking that he must be really tired, being at work and school at the same time. He wondered to himself why he was so worried about someone he had just met for the first time. But he decided to push those strange feelings aside, after all, it wasn't like he could have the man. His life was doomed, he was condemned to live alone for the rest of his life sadly.

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