3- Max's soulmate

After putting on comfortable clothes, Trevor was hungry. Since his food had been eaten by Max, he decided to make himself a simple dinner. As he walked into the kitchen, he saw Max sitting on the kitchen counter eating ice cream. Trevor thought that what he was watching was really cute and weird. Max had a devilish and stern face, so it was a little surprising for Trevor to see him eating ice cream like a little kid.

As Trevor walked past the bar to get to the kitchen, his body stiffened when he heard Max's voice.

"You smell really good!" Max blurted out expressionlessly. He hadn't even realized what he had said himself. He frowned as soon as the words came out of his mouth. It was a new feeling to him, it was like he was intoxicated, it was a sweet and fresh scent, like a cold breeze in the forest, but one that could get you just as drunk as a good mojito. He was captivated by the smell and surprisingly wanted more of it.

He looked at Trevor with curious eyes and thought deep inside, "I think living with this new roommate is going to be kind of fun."

Trevor was embarrassed by Max's comment about his smell, so he just smiled "Well, all my friends say I smell like candy... I hope you don't mind. Your parents told me you're not very sensitive to smells or pheromones?"

Max just nodded and walked away, trying hard not to smell the air. He felt the urge to let his pheromones out; that was another new feeling for him. He'd been all aroused since he had seen Trevor come in, this new feeling was somehow addictive to him and he wanted more.

"But I think you'll be in heat soon ... you should take all the necessary precautions ..." Max added frowning while walking to his room.

Trevor looked puzzled, his heat was always regular and he'd already had one this month. He looked at Max with a puzzled look as if to say, 'What are you talking about?'

"I'm very sensitive to pheromones! especially omega's. The fact that it doesn't arouse me doesn't mean I'm not sensitive and I've been smelling yours since you entered the house, the smell is too strong to just be... just, take your precautions"

Walking into his bedroom, Max lay down on his bed, grinning. He had just lied, he was deeply aroused, so much that his thing down there only was already throbbing, begging to be free. He had always waited for this day, the day when he would become aroused just by smelling omega's pheromones, just like everyone else. He looked forward to the day when he would meet the person who would make his heart beat fast like that; the day when his body would react just by looking at someone, the day when his pheromone couldn't help but react to another one pheromone, the day when he would meet the one who was made for him! Trevor Lance made him feel something!

Being insensitive to people all year was very lonely for Max. He also wanted to know what it felt like to be driven crazy by someone, he wanted to know what it felt like to have mind-blowing sex, and what it might feel like to love someone. When he had discovered his inability to get aroused by other people, even omegas, it didn't bother him at first, it was his parents who were upset because they thought they wouldn't have grandchildren, but Max wasn't affected by it at first.

He could still have relationships and socialize with people, but it was just boring. There was no excitement and no pleasure. As a teenager, he enjoyed the situation, sleeping here and there without having to do anything about it.

But now he was starting to get bored. As usual, he changed partners like socks, but it wasn't without purpose. He thought that maybe he would find someone who would pull him out of his boring life. The method wasn't really good, but he couldn't think about anything else.

His parents were worried about him, Max had lost his smile and was only living for the sake of making money. He wasn't enjoying his young life as any young man should. And his sex life with so many partners worried his parents even more. They knew Max was a smart guy and that he didn't let anyone fool him, but still, they didn't want his reputation tarnished by this part of his life.

Two years ago, his parents had taken him to a doctor one more time. The doctor had assured them that Max didn't have any disease and that he couldn't really exactly know why his body wasn't responding sexually to other people. He had told them that maybe it was a psychological problem or maybe Max was just waiting for his partner. The doctor was sure that Max had already created a bond with someone without him knowing, which was why he couldn't be affected by other people. The doctor told them that once Max finds that person, all these problems will go away as soon as possible.

But that answer only made Maxim and Gina more worried. They had told the doctor that Max couldn't have bonded with anyone because first, he couldn't remember it and second if it was the case, he should be in pain for not living and mating with the person he was bonded with.

But the doctor had assured them that if Max had bonded without knowing it, he could go on living normally, but one of the consequences could be that his body would not respond to anyone but that person. Max's parents were distraught after hearing this, because the chance of finding this person was like finding a needle in a weasel's boot, and they were afraid that their son was doomed to live a lonely life.

Trevor, who had stayed behind in the kitchen, calmly began to cook his meal. He didn't take what Max had told him seriously because he knew his body and couldn't believe that he could be in heat two times in the same month.

But as soon as he started eating he began to feel unwell, he had a fever and started sweating and panting like crazy. His breathing was rapid and his vision blurred. He was actually in heat! He struggled to go to his room, but couldn't, it was the first time his heat was so painful, his heart was beating so fast he thought he was having a heart attack.

Max was assaulted in his room by Trevor's pheromones, the smell was so good he had lost his ability to think and was already standing outside of his door, ready to meet the beautiful Omega waiting for him. This natural attraction was a new feeling to him, so he didn't really know how to fight it.

The only thing that kept him sane was the fact that his heart and mind, even if they were clouded by his sexual desire, told him that he couldn't touch Trevor without his consent. Something told him to cherish this new man in his life. So with all his might, he fought his urge to go to Trevor and stay in his room.

At the same time, Trevor was struggling to reach his bedroom, to take his pills to help him feel less pain. He heard the front door open and immediately smelled an alpha pheromone. Trevor didn't know who it was, but his body told him he was in danger.

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