5- Trevor's seduction

But to his horror, Max got really angry and released his pheromone. Trevor was stunned at first and frowned as he waited for his body to give in, but to his surprise, Max's pheromones had a relaxing effect on him so that any pain he was feeling literally disappeared. With all the stress he was under, Trevor fell asleep instantly relaxed by Max's divine scent.

Max, on the other hand, panicked when he saw Trevor lying lifeless on the floor.

"Shit, did I just release too many pheromones?...shouldn't he be able to handle it if he's my mate?" Max frowned, confused. He thought maybe Trevor was his mate, because of the way his body reacted to him, but seeing him like this, he thought maybe he was overthinking it, after all, the chance to meet his designated mate was rare indeed.

He picked Trevor up in bridal style and took him to his room. He gently laid him on his bed and slowly tucked him in. Hastily he left the room, still feeling the urge to jump on him. Just now he had a closer look at him and with certainty, he could say that Trevor was the most beautiful man he had seen in his life. His luscious lips called to him desperately, he wanted so badly to suck on them.

Max just sighed at those thoughts, the first time he'd really wanted to kiss someone, but couldn't do it the way he always did with his partners, that is: without giving a shit about their feelings. He knew he couldn't do it that way with this one in front of him, first because his mother would surely cut his dick off, and second, something told him that one time with Trevor wouldn't be enough. As he walked out of the room, Max called his mother.

"Hello, Mom... I need your help here," Max asked his mother directly, not caring about her well being.

"Hello son, I'm fine and you?" Gina rolled her eyes at her rude son. "What do you need me for?" she asked, knowing full well that her son was certainly not in a good mood, she could sense it in his slightly panicked voice.

"Well, Trevor is in heat... how am I supposed to take care of him? He seems to be in a lot of pain" Max asked a little embarrassed. he still didn't know why he was so embarrassed;

"In heat?... oh poor guy... doesn't he have any pills for that?" asked Gina worriedly.

"I don't know, I found him lying on the living room floor, he's all hot and sweaty" Max explained in a worried voice.

"Ok baby, don't panic, it's a natural thing... I'll send someone to your house to take care of him," Gina said.

"No...that's not necessary, I can do it... just tell me what to do," Max hurried to tell his mother after hearing Trevor's faint moan.

"You want to do it? Max, are you sure? An omega in heat has a strong sexual desire... don't use it to jump him! If you do, I will personally castrate you! Trevor is not someone you can play with, like the people you date! He had already suffered enough!" Gina said, she knew Max wasn't a bad guy, but she couldn't risk seeing Trevor suffer because of him.

"Mom, I still have some morals, I don't sleep with omegas in heat... You know that. I'm just trying to help, I just happen to have nothing to do!" Max was getting frustrated and impatient, his mother was wasting time and Trevor seemed to be in more and more pain again.

"Okay, I trust you sweetheart... sorry!. Mom just don't want you to hurt him... Well first of all, since you don't know if he's been medicated, go to the pharmacy and get some medicine for Omega in the heat, after that all you can do is make sure he takes it and help him bring his fever down... he'll be fine, don't worry too much," Gina explained

"Thanks mom, I'll do that right away," Max said, ending the call immediately.

Gina just sighed deeply, which made Grandpa Maxwell curious about her call.

"Was that Max on the phone?" asked Maxwell.

"Yes, Father ... it seems Trevor has his heat now ... " said Gina.

"And that stinking grandson of mine wants to take care of him?" Maxwell asked with a smile

"Yeah... strange, isn't it? Father, I think there's something wrong with Max?" asked Gina with a worried look.

"Don't worry, the child will be fine," Maxwell replied with a strangely satisfied smile before walking into his bedroom. He picked up a picture from his bed and chuckled before saying, "Ethan, we were right."

Max, for his part, had jumped into his car as soon as he finished talking to his mother and had gone looking for the nearest pharmacy. After finding one, he quickly bought what his mother had asked him to buy, and with that, he had bought medicine for Alpha in Rut, just in case he would actually be in Rut while he was next to Trevor.

When he returned, he found Trevor tossing and turning in his bed, seeming to be in real pain. He frowned, it seemed like his heart ached to see Trevor in pain like that. He took his pill before walking into Trevor's room with a glass of water. Trevor didn't seem to be awake. He shook him a little to wake him up.

"Hey Trevor... wake up and take this and you'll be fine," Max said slowly as if coaxing a child.

Trevor opened his eyes and let Max give him the medicine before he fell back asleep.

Max looked at him, he was drenched in sweat. He took off his shirt and pants and began wiping him down with a wet towel. Trevor's moans at the contact of the cold towel with his body and the sounds he made turned Max on.

Max swallowed and tried to concentrate on his task, but this was the hardest thing he had done in his life. Trevor's body was amazing, he had abs and his body was fit, his white skin calling for Max to bite it.

He pushed all those thoughts away and briskly finished his task before putting a dry t-shirt on Trevor and walking out of the room. He lay down on his couch and thanked the pills he had taken, not knowing if he could resist Trevor any longer.

At some point in the night, Max, who was asleep on the couch, felt something shaking him. When he opened his eyes, he was stunned! Trevor was sitting on his lap, looking at him with the most beautiful lustful eyes he had ever seen.

Max swallowed before shifting his position. Now he was sitting with Trevor on his lap. Max looked at Trevor a little amused, it was clear that the person in front of him wasn't really awake and conscious.

"Hey ... what are you doing?" asked Max tenderly.

Trevor didn't say anything but tried to get Max's pants off by unbuckling his belt. Max just looked at him curiously, not really knowing what to do. He held his hands tightly and looked at Trevor "What do you want?" Max asked seductively, playing the game.

"I want you," Trevor blurted out, approaching Max's lips menacingly.

Max swallowed, not knowing if he would be able to stop this time. He approached Trevor's lips as well, not even leaving an inch between them.

"So what exactly am I supposed to do now?" Max asked, squeezing Trevor tightly against him, now their breasts stuck together. Trevor moaned at the touch of their two bodies.

"I want this," Trevor said, rubbing himself against Max's bulge, causing Max to groan, deeply aroused.

"I'm sorry baby, I can't give it to you right now," Max coaxed him.

"Why?" Trevor pouted, "Am I not to your liking? Am I not beautiful enough? not sexy enough?" Trevor asked, visibly hurt by Max's rejection.

Max didn't know whether to laugh or cry, Trevor was truly amusing, his reactions were so cute that he couldn't help but chuckle when he heard these questions.

"It's not that! Trust me, you're the sexiest man I've ever had on my lap ..." Max reassured him, stroking his silk hair.

"Then ... Then why not? I can feel you want me too, why can't you?" asked Trevor seductively.

Sure enough, Max's member grew larger under his pants, he smiled at his body's reaction "Yes babe, I want you too... But I can't" Max didn't have time to finish his word when Trevor suddenly placed his lips on Max's lips.

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