6- Max little service

The sweet taste of his lips, mixed with the fresh smell of his pheromone, drove Max crazy. He hungrily wanted more, but it wasn't the way he wanted it, not when Trevor was in heat and in a fuzzy state of mind. Max could barely bring himself to push him away, but just as he was about to break off the little kiss, Trevor deepened it and let out a little moan! Max was overwhelmed by his gesture and the affection Trevor was giving him in that kiss; he could feel a yearning feeling, affection, desire and sadness in that kiss... Trevor's sweet lips were connected with Max's, asking for more.

Max automatically responded to him not thinking too much this time. He invaded his mouth with his tongue and leading them to a hot and sweet kiss. Trevor's hand tenderly explores Max's face down to his neck. Max moved closer to him to deepen the kiss, his hands finding their way to Trevor's hips. The more Max touched Trevor's body, the more he wanted him. He wanted to feel his body right beneath him.

They didn't break the kiss until they were out of breath... When Max looked at him afterwards, he was surprised to find a tear on his cheek...

Max frowned and looked at Trevor, who had small tears threatening to fall. He gently wiped them away and gave him a small kiss on the cheek "Hey baby, why are you crying now?" Max asked a little worried, he didn't know what he had done to make him cry, he had just given him what he wanted.

"I know it's just a dream and it makes me sad... once I'm awake I won't to be able to feel like this again..." Trevor said, his lips still on Max's.

"Why not? I'm not going to disappear, you know," Max replied, a little amused.

"You don't understand..." said Trevor dejectedly.

Sure enough, Max didn't really understand what Trevor was trying to say and couldn't hold back any longer and kiss him again.

It was painfully hard to resist the temptation that lay before him. Trevor's scent was really arousing him! His thing in his pants was growing by the second. He was so surprised that he himself was so receptive to someone else. It was the first time Max had ever wanted an omega so damn badly, and Trevor wasn't making it easy on him as he looked at him with those lustful eyes practically begging him to fuck him.

Max wanted Trevor, not like he usually did when he wanted to have sex and found someone to just have sex with. No, he wanted this man in front of him so bad. He wanted to touch him, feel him, kiss him and make love to him. 'OMG, what's happening to me now?' Max thought 'I can finally feel something for someone?' Max was surprised and really happy. 'This attraction I have for him is just crazy," Max thought as he kissed Trevor one more time.

As an Alpha, it was very difficult to resist an omega in heat, because omega's heat was a natural sign that they were ready to conceive and very sensitive to sex, and Alphas who were naturally destined to copulate with them were naturally attracted to them.

Max continued to pant as his cock twitched, begging to be inside the man in front of him as Trevor rubbed his cock against Max's in slow motion.

Max bit his lower lip to stop himself from moaning. He couldn't take it anymore, Trevor was seducing him and it was working. He stood up, lifting Trevor with him, who automatically wrapped his feet around Max's waiting.

Max took them to Trevor's bedroom and briskly laid him on the bed.

"Since you think it's a dream, let me give you something you'll always remember," Max said, pressing his lips to Trevor's to give him a mind-blowing kiss. Max sucked on Trevor's lips like crazy and got a moan in response. This time it was a wild kiss mixed with a battle of their tongues.

His tongue left his lips to meet Trevor's soft nipple, his reaction was instantaneous, he shivered and gave a sexy moan, Max loved Trevor's body reaction so he continued to suck and nibble on Trevor's nipple, which was now hard, while one of his hands slowly travelled down Trevor's waist.

Once he felt satisfied with Trevor's nipple, he returned to Trevor's neck and kissed it slowly. His thumbs caressed his cheeks as his fingers tangled in his hair and found his ears to slowly stroke it. Trevor moaned softly as Max's mouth touched his skin. Max began to trail down Trevor's neck, dropping a string of kisses until he reached Trevor's torso while still kissing him, leaving many marks on Trevor's neck and body as if marking his territory.

The hot contact of Max's fingers on his waist made Trevor feel like electricity was flowing between them, he moaned deeply in response, Max was so aroused by Trevor's moans that his manhood grew harder.

Trevor sensed Max's discomfort and eagerly began to undress him. Soon their clothes were on the floor. Max continued on his way and stopped at Trevor's member, which was already as hard as it could be, and not small like average Omegas! Max smiled and began to stroke the head of Trevor's cock, teasing him. Trevor's back arched at the nice feeling he was feeling now, he had never felt so good, well, no one had ever touched him, so this feeling was new to him and he absolutely like it. Max's lips, tongue, fingers, were caressing every nerve in his body and it was driving him crazy.

Max took Trevor's groin in his hand and stroked it at a steady pace, not too slow and not too fast. Trevor grabbed his head and kissed him deeply. He closed his eyes and realized how perfect they were together.

"You like that?" asked Max in a husky and sexual voice.

"Yes ... But I ... I ... want you inside me now ..." replied Trevor as he moaned like crazy, Max was stroking his cock faster now as he licked his nipples, deepening the pleasure they were feeling. Trevor whole body focused on that hot feeling, the intensity was unbearable and he let out a deep moan. His head was full of sparks and he was losing all consciousness. Max brought his hand to Trevor's sweet channel and put his two fingers in. Being already wet and naturally ready to welcome alpha's member, Max's finger got straight in without any resistance. Trevor moaned at this beautiful evasion and began to move his hips up and down riding on Max's fingers. Max couldn't help but moan at these sexy movements Trevor was making with his hips.

"Max ... um ... I don't want to ... don't hold it any longer ... hold it ...", Trevor said as he gasped and let out his hot white liquid, arching his back and panting erratically.

Max took the remaining product on his fingers and licked it off as he looked at Trevor with a seductive smile.

"Feeling better now?" asked Max with a grin.

"Um..." Trevor said, still trembling, eyes closed, still feeling the pleasure Max's hands had given him just seconds ago.

Max, for his part, was still aroused, his big thing still as hard as never. He just pulled back his underwear and before going into Trevor's bathroom to take a cold shower. Afterwards, he went back to sleep next to Trevor, cradling him in his arms with a long sigh already thinking about how his life will turn now that he had met someone who could make him feel so different emotions.

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