9- Gossips

As he walked into class, Trevor noticed that many people were looking at him. At first, he thought that the looks must have been at Max, who was walking behind him, but he soon realised that it was him that people were looking at and talking about. He wondered what could have happened between the day before and now.

In a way, Trevor was used to the looks and rumours about him at school. After all, he was a good looking man, with a good body and smart. Usually, he always had problems with his friends' boyfriends, since he usually only hung out with girls due to his illness. But today, the looks didn't make him feel good. He could feel that something had happened.

Deep in thought, he walked into his class and thought about what he could have done.

When he entered, there were already many people in the class, passing the time by talking, playing and working while waiting for their professor.

Once again, Trevor felt eyes pierce him. He sighed and walked t


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Tanya Gencheva
I am in love Trevor is amazing.....
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Kylie Reynolds
Gil bish… it was actually Trevor's bed Max was in
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oh wow Hey Trevor Is super Amazing ...

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