11- Conflicted

When Trevor woke up that day, he was lying in his bed with a drip in his hand and a wet towel on his forehead. He sat up, feeling a little thirsty, only to see that Max was asleep, his head on his bed and his laptop right next to him. He must have been the one who brought his fever down while he was working, Trevor thought.

"He looks kind of cute," Trevor whispered to himself, trying to smooth his hair.

When Max felt Trevor move, he woke up immediately, only to see Trevor's hand stuck in the air. Trevor just took his hand back with embarrassment.

"You're awake," Max said, getting up to sit next to Trevor stroking his cheek.

Trevor just nodded before adding, "Why am I here? How long have I been asleep?" He had asked Max to take him to the hospital, he really needed to see a doctor understand what was happening to his body.

"I asked our family doctor to come here and you didn't sleep that long, only three hours," Max replied with a reassuring sm

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oh God Trevor why so complicated? i mean i get that you are afraid but you Will hurt yourself more and even max ...

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