12- Advices

The night grew darker and colder, and the silence in Trevor's room made him uneasy. He thought about what Dr Clyde had told him when he had asked him what he could do to get his heat cycle regular! The answer was not what he had expected.

He remembered the apologetic look on the doctor's face when he told him that if he wanted to stop his heat coming so unprompted, the only way was to have sex with his mate and bond with him. Trevor was frustrated by this answer, the doctor basically said that his well being depended on someone else! This was too absurd for him.

The feeling of sex addiction, the dependence, the weakness, the deregulation of his heat, all of it was new to Trevor. He felt helpless in the face of these feelings and did not know what to do with them. He was not used to being weak and dependent on someone else. Trevor loved his autonomy. He had learned to control his heat to the point where there was no difference from other days when he was in heat.

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oh Trevor talk to him i think he Is already hurting ...

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