14- Confession 1

Actually, Max has been already fine and ready to go back home. He had missed so much Trevor, he was all exited to go home. He knew that Trevor would certainly ask him questions, but he didn't predict that he would be that angry!

To his misfortune, his rut this time was really hard to subdue, he couldn't stay in the house, he had a strong urge to jump on Trevor. This time he just couldn't keep his sanity and the suppressant didn't work well, if he had stayed there he didn't knew what he would have done to Trevor.

He didn't want to broke his promise to him just because he couldn't fight his body's desire, so he decided to leave. He admitted that the way he run away was a little off, but he didn't have a choice. When it hit him, Trevor was cooking for them, Max just walked past the kitchen and was attacked by Trevor's pheromones. He had that sudden urge to jump on Trevor like a hungry beast. Surprised by his own desire, he ran away before his sexual desire started to ta

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oh finally you realise you where a bit selfish .........

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