19- Center of attention

Trevor needed two more days to feel well enough to go to school. During those two days, Max wouldn't leave him alone and pestered him all day long, touching him here and there.

"Max, can you please let me take a break?"

"I can''re so attractive... I can't help it, I just want you every time I see you," Max grinned, looking dangerously at Trevor with eyes full of lust.

"That's your problem ... deal with it! I have to go back to class in two days. We've been doing it all day, aren't you tired?" Trevor was exhausted, he couldn't even get out of bed.

"So you're telling me you can resist me for two days?" Max asked with a challenging smile as he sat down next to Trevor with his hands clasped together.

"Yeah, why not? I'm not like you ... I can control myself." Trevor was full of confidence as he said that with a proud smile.

"Okay, I won't touch you again for two days," was all Max said before they fell asleep.

The next morning when

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mhh this Lina girl i do t like her.. but now sammy's sentense Is weird to though

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