20- Sammy

Trevor was taken aback by Sammy's demand. If he had to describe Sammy's thoughts about Max, he would say that she doesn't like him, or more precisely that she doesn't give a damn about him. She doesn't talk about him like the other people in the university, she really isn't interested in him and she had even warned him not to get too close to him in the beginning. And now she was asking him to take good care of him, Trevor was really confused now.

He looked at Sammy with one eyebrow raised, and doubt showed all over his face. Sammy just chuckled, looking at Trevor being so confused.

"Okay, I won't confuse you anymore. Max is my cousin, our mothers are sisters ..."

"Really!!? ... Well, that could explain a lot of things ..." Trevor had wondered why people in her class were afraid of her, or why Max indulged her when she sat with them to eat their lunch, now he had his answer. But now he was more curious about why Sammy was so cold to her own cousin and didn't see

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