21- Night out

That night Max came home a little late. When he opened the front door, he was not greeted by the good smell of Trevor's cooking in the kitchen, as he was used to by now. He walked in feeling tired after a long day at work, he thought that he could have a good meal today to relieve a little beat of his tiredness and then take his beloved boyfriend in his arms for the night. He could tell Trevor wasn't home because he couldn't smell the sweet scent of his pheromones. Trevor's smell had the power of calming him down instantly, as soon as he was in his arms all his lost energy of the day will come back. So Max was a little disappointed not seeing his babe when arriving home.

It was already 11pm and Trevor hadn't texted him or called him, Max wondered where he could be. After he'd changed into some comfortable clothes, he sat down in their living room waiting for him. He wasn't the kind of person who liked to check on his partner's life, but he was worried. Not knowing where he ha

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